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    Hi everyone !

    Sorry to disturb, but I'm having a serious problem concerning my Droid X2, and I would really like to get it other with, cause it's really anoying in the distance.

    The problem is, since I bought my phone, every time I wanna enjoy some music during transports/anything and that I put the jack of my headset into the phone, there seems to be a connection problem, and he began to launch all the most annoying programs I got when he can.

    Better explanation : I plug the headset, and then, vocal commands launch, asking myself what I want to search with a very high volume. I cancel the search, and starts my music. And then, if I even DARE to move the Droid even a little bit in my pocket, thus moving the jack of the headset, he starts again, shutting down my music and asking me to "SAY SOMETHING TO SEARCH", destroying my ears in the process.

    But it's not over yet : Because i never use the vocal commands app, I deleted it, simply. I thought "Now it's gonna be okay ! No more annoying music-cutting-ears-destroying-pain in the *** application !".


    Now, when I plug my headset, he simply call the last number I dialed....So everyday, it's the same circus : I start listening to some music, and then, it stops. I hear two or three "Tuuuuut", and then a voice saying "Hello ?" and then I have to explain for the 36th time that my phone's going crazy.

    So, that's it. I can't take anymore. At first, I took it with smile, thinking "It's gonna train me to react !". Now, I have the reflexes of a Ninja concerning this problem, but it's getting really anoying to take the phone out of my pocket every 10 metters when I walk in the street.

    My researches on the subject haven't been successfull, so I'm humbly asking all of you if you ever heard of such a problem, and if you know of a solution. You would really help me a lot.

    Oh, and by the way, no need to ask me to change my headset : I already tried. Headset, earphones....I tried everything. The problem don't seem to be in the hardware, but more in the jack connection between them and the phone; Maybe some kind of parasites in the connection that the phone interprete as a special button on the headset that says "Call the last number/Launch an app". But I don't know how to avoid that....

    Anyway, Tthanks in advance for your responses !
    08-11-2013 09:13 AM
  2. Keyru's Avatar
    I think I actually found the solution to my problem. As I said, I thought the phone was misinterpreting the connection with the headset, thinkink this one has a button made for calling the last number/Activating apps. And I was right !

    The solution is to download the totally free and awesome app named "Headset blocker" at this adress : https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=97_MW2dp

    Hope it'll help someone too !
    08-15-2013 04:52 AM

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