1. pnico's Avatar
    Hi can anyone tell md why the gameloft game modern combat 2 black peagsus quits to the desktop each time I try ans run in?
    Is it a buggy game? The android version im have which is whatever comes on the x2 or the fact that its dual core?
    Any ideas?
    06-13-2011 11:13 PM
  2. Stagger0's Avatar
    Modern combat, and most other gameloft games do not work on the x2 yet. I dont know why. Send them a message, because more of us need to speak up to them.
    06-13-2011 11:25 PM
  3. anjaco's Avatar
    Edit: nvm read wrong forum lol.

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    06-13-2011 11:41 PM
  4. hackthis02's Avatar
    Until they support this phone, I've been downloading Atrix games. And they seem to work just fine.
    06-22-2011 06:16 PM