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    I've had my Droid X2 for a few weeks now and am still figuring some things out. I'm a casual user. I can figure most things out, but some is over my head. I saw the application "DLNA" and opened it. It immediately searched for compatible devices and only found my DirecTV receiver. I did a little research to find out what DLNA even was and I think I understand it now.

    Even after I closed the program, it would still occasionally show up in my notifications as "DLNA Started". I would also get multiple "upnp device xxxxxxxxx requests to access media files on your phone" with the option to accept or deny. I would get several at once each with a different device identification. I denied them all and went into settings/applications and force closed DLNA.

    Maybe I just don't understand what it is or how it works, but why does it stay open? What device(s) were trying to access media files? Why? If only my DirecTV receiver is even compatible, will it automatically try to access the files if it "sees" my phone is on my wifi network? If not my DirecTV receiver, what was it?

    A quick google search for upnp told me that it is a way that hackers can access files. I wouldn't think that's the case, but anything is possible. It was almost immediately after I opened DLNA for the first time, so if that's what it was, they are incredibly fast. I live on 110 acres and nothing but my home is even close to being within range of my wifi.

    I apologize if this is an incredibly stupid question, but I do sincerely appreciate your help.
    06-24-2011 10:45 PM