1. iijeriichoii's Avatar
    I have a rooted OG Droid, all was well, it was going to make it to the Droid Bionic release, then I turned it off, went to a concert, turned it on afterwards, and now the touchscreen is completely unresponsive.

    Home button, Back, Menue, Search, all don't work. I can't unlock my screen unless I do the magnet trick and navigate with my D-Pad. I've done a Factory reset, I've restored it back to the ROM I'm using now, but nothing will make my screen work.

    Any help? I REALLY was waiting on that GS2 or Bionic.

    Whenever I try and call or use anything but the messaging, I get "com.android.system is unresponsive"
    08-07-2011 02:01 AM
  2. RayKwon's Avatar
    My sister had the same problem with her droid, She took it to Verizon and there was nothing they could do. She had to get a new device. Maybe find a cheap phone you can use until the Bionic drops?? I think most phones are made to crap out after about 2 years.
    08-07-2011 02:23 AM