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    Hey guys,

    Sorry to post this question in the Droid forum but given that the Milestone is the European equivalent to it, and that there's no sub-forum for the Milestone, I figured this would be the best place.

    My wife has had her Milestone for over a year now and it's been working well for her until the froyo update. Since then, her phone is often rebooting by itself with no reproducible pattern that points at the cause for this. I'm a little bit at a loss to figure out why this is happening. For all I've read, Google returns cases of people having issue with their phone when it was running 2.1 but apparently 2.2 fixed that. Well in our case it's the complete opposite as I can't recall her having this issue before upgrading.

    So my question is, has this happened to anyone else? And if not, does anyone know how to revert back to 2.1? I don't think she's fussed either way as long as her phone runs without a glitch like this. Also I don't think rooting would be an option as I seem to recall the bootloader for the Milestone still hasn't been cracked or something (I may very well be wrong as it's been a while since I saw this)

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks
    08-20-2011 04:23 PM
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    The phone can still be rooted even if the bootloader is locked, you can flash custom ROMs still but not kernels. If you can find a 2.1 .zip file for your device you can still access the stock recovery and return the device back to the previous OS that way without being rooted.
    08-21-2011 09:26 PM

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