1. shley00's Avatar
    so I have my settings to vibrate when I receive emails and texts, but I do not want this to happen when I'm on a call as it is super disruptive. I can't seem to find anywhere to change this setting....could anyone help me out?
    05-06-2010 11:40 PM
  2. Pipester's Avatar
    You can not unless you are rooted... it's just something that Droid Does.
    05-07-2010 08:58 AM
  3. PJnc284's Avatar
    Handcent allows you to turn off vibrate/sound while on a call. As for email, you shouldn't get any while on a call unless you're connected to wifi.
    05-07-2010 09:17 AM
  4. Pipester's Avatar
    Good call PJnc... I totally forgot handcent has that option.
    05-07-2010 09:22 AM
  5. UncleMike's Avatar
    Give Tasker a try. It's not specifically designed for this, but could easily be configured to do just what you're looking for.

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    05-08-2010 03:46 PM
  6. gt4329b's Avatar
    This has driven me insane on my HTC Incredible for over a year now - and while both awesome apps, Tasker and Handcent were both more than I wanted to bother with (Tasker was waaay overkill and I use Google Voice for messaging).

    I check every few months to see if a lightweight solution to this issue has shown up (always seeing this thread in my searching) ...and tonight I'm happy to announce that I've finally done something about it myself: go find my app Kill The Duck (link) on the app market. It will disable vibrate notifications while you're in a call, and re-enable them automatically when you hang up.
    08-28-2011 01:03 AM