1. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    First, read this article: Verizon's Droid: 10 Apps to Get You Started - PC World

    And I'm trying to find the Compare Everywhere app in the marketplace and can't find it. Any one know if it is there?

    Looks like a pretty slick barcode reader. If not, what barcode reader do you guys suggest?
    11-07-2009 04:18 PM
  2. brandonscott's Avatar
    Prolly doesn't work with 2.0.

    I know a bunch of apps won't show up unless they're compatible.
    11-07-2009 04:19 PM
  3. Adiliyo's Avatar
    i use BarcodeScanner and ShopSavvy both seem to be great apps
    11-07-2009 04:20 PM
  4. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    Thanks for the quick response guys. I'll give BarcodeScanner and go.
    11-07-2009 04:24 PM
  5. Rich Rasp's Avatar
    ShopSavvy is not working with Droid. Either its a 2.0 thing or because of the crappy focus on the droid camera. It can never get a focus to read the bar code.
    11-07-2009 05:22 PM
  6. Adiliyo's Avatar
    yea, i thought maybe it was just the lighting that made it not work, but it seems to be a bug in the app, as barcode scanner will scan something just fine where shopsavvy won't...

    also, the amazon app for android has a barcode scanner in it as well. i find that one to be really handy since they generally have the best price on things and if i'm at a store, that's who i want to compare with anyways
    11-07-2009 05:27 PM
  7. Nic Allen's Avatar
    Yeah i havent been able to find any app that can scan barcodes with the Droids camera, focusing is not its strong point.

    EDIT: Apparently i missed barcode scanner of all things thanks Adiliyo works much better than ShopSavvy
    11-07-2009 05:31 PM