1. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    So I've got my Exchange Email account set up and everything seems to be working fine. But when I hear PUSH email, I think Blackberry. I know, I know, blackberrys rule email, but can someone explain how the email is "Pushed" on the droid?

    On my old Blackberry I would get the emails sooner than they hit my outlook. With the droid it seems that I have to go in and click Refresh to get emails. I've got it set to PUSH.

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? I'm using Advanced Task Killer, but Email isn't listed as something to kill and/or ignore. Not sure if the Email app needs to be constantly running in the background, and if so how can I verify that it is.

    11-09-2009 10:43 AM
  2. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    I have folders set up on my Exchange Account, which I can view on the Droid. I also have Outlook Rules setup that send certain emails to specific folders. I got an email about 45 minutes ago that was sent to one of my folders (in Outlook). I just checked the Droid and it wasn't there. Clicked Refresh and viola it popped up.

    45 Minutes (and having to refresh at that) = Push??????????
    11-09-2009 10:46 AM
  3. devarshi's Avatar
    I think you do have to have it running in the background. Just open the email app and press the home button so you know its still running.
    11-09-2009 11:03 AM
  4. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    I do have EMAIL listed on Advanced Task Killer's IGNORE list. So it should be running in the background at all times. Not sure what has to be running and what doesn't, but I've been using the Pkt Auctions Ebay app and have that listed on the IGNORE list, but I haven't been getting all of my ALERTS from it.

    So maybe ATK (advanced task killer) is killing these even though they are on the ignore list. Not sure, still trying to figure out whats going on.
    11-09-2009 11:14 AM
  5. ant1pathy's Avatar
    Use ATK to manually close programs instead of the auto-kill.
    11-09-2009 11:40 AM
  6. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    I pull down the Notification area, click on ATK, then it shows me the currently running apps (that aren't on the ignore list). I then click on "KILL selected Apps".
    11-09-2009 01:14 PM
  7. sunlifexxx's Avatar
    I had to let my IT folks now that I wanted Active Sync set up on there end and now I have push. I also used Touchdown over the weekend till I could talk to my IT folks and it worked but would not active sync now it tells me active syc is working.
    11-09-2009 02:27 PM
  8. str8sNUTS's Avatar
    My emails do come through, and my calendar/contacts synced. Does that mean that Activesynce is up and running on the companies exchange server or is there something that I need my IT guy to do? I figured since I was getting emails and syncing calendar/contacts that it was up and running.

    11-09-2009 04:00 PM