1. theguy386's Avatar
    So I started recording today with my phone in High Quality and when I'm playing the video back it'll start off playing fine, but within 5-10 seconds the audio and video go out of sync. Anyone else experiencing this problem... or know a fix?
    11-09-2009 10:53 PM
  2. theguy386's Avatar
    so i take it no one else is having this problem?
    11-12-2009 11:49 PM
  3. Mark_Venture's Avatar
    Videos I've converted with Handbrake for use on my Storm and iPod classic have lip sync issues on the Droid. They do play fine on my Storm and iPod.

    Video recorded with the Droid appear to be fine. I've recorded a few 5 min videos of my son.
    11-13-2009 01:10 AM
  4. stimpy2k's Avatar
    I am having this exact same issue. I took the phone to Verizon, and was able to demonstrate it right in front of them, again and again. All I had to do was record a ~2 minuted video, and then video myself snapping my fingers at the end. The audio would always come a second or so before the video for the snapping of the fingers.

    First they factory reset the phone. Same issue. Then they replaced the memory card. Same issue. Then they replaced THE WHOLE PHONE, and it still had the same issue. Out of the box, the Motorola Droid does this. I was shocked (so were the Verizon store people!). I have no idea why I haven't seen a million posts about this. I guess the vast majority of people just take short little videos??

    If you take a video longer than a minute or two, the video is recorded out of sync. It is not just a playback issue, as the audio/video are still out of sync when the file is played on a PC as well.

    Verizon said the next step was to alert Motorola of the issue. I have, and all they said was that they can replace the phone, even though we've already done that. Beyond that they said they would log the issue... and that's about it.

    I am very confused as to why I'm not hearing more about this. All I can see is that this is very frustrating, as this function of my phone simply doesn't work properly.

    -= Brandon.
    12-23-2009 03:03 PM
  5. ccoady750#AC's Avatar
    I noticed this with a HQ video I took that was around 2 minutes long. The sound got out of whack after about 30 seconds.
    12-23-2009 04:32 PM
  6. scodoublet's Avatar
    I hate to dig up this OLD thread but I'm having this same issue and this is the only thread I could find discussing this... It doesn't seem to matter what settings I use, even set on the lowest recording quality possible I still end up with videos that are out of sync. This is very annoying since I use my camcorder quite often but not as often as I'd like because of this issue... Is there any fix out there for this? Are we the only ones having this problem?
    03-24-2010 07:11 AM
  7. jasonrellis's Avatar
    I've had the same issues from day one. It happens on all of my videos including ones I've converted over from my itunes library. It bothers the crap out of me, so much that I dont even watch my music videos anymore.
    03-24-2010 08:05 AM
  8. p08757's Avatar
    I have not seen this yet, but I only watch videos that I have converted for viewing on my Droid.

    Lets hope the roumered, 2.1 update drops soon and addresses this problem for you guys.
    03-24-2010 08:45 AM
  9. LCH's Avatar
    Ive recorded a couple of videos with my phone and they play back ok on the phone but when I try to load them onto the computer they look to be in a faster motion and the video stops short. I figured there was a setting I hadn't found yet. I'm working some major hours right now and am having trouble finding the time to play with the phone as much as I'd like. A little different than what you guys are describing but might be related, any ideas to help me? Thanks. LCH
    03-24-2010 10:48 AM
  10. xmguy#AC's Avatar
    I too am having this issue on my Droid. Running stock 2.1 version 1.
    05-02-2010 02:43 PM
  11. scodoublet's Avatar
    One thing that I found works for me is if I use a task manager and kill all the running apps before recording a video. Try that out and see if it works for you.
    05-02-2010 02:45 PM
  12. mishcap's Avatar
    i have videos from my old phone on my sd card. You can hear the videos on the old phone, and you can here them on my computer. But when I have sd card in my droid incredible, you cant here the videos. Anybody know how to fix?
    06-14-2010 11:49 AM
  13. CynicalDreams81's Avatar
    This is a common issue. IDK if there will ever be a fix but I have uploaded videos to YouTube from my computer, not my phone, and have the same issue. I thought it was YouTube but now see its my phone. I wanted to start a weekly YouTube video filmed by my phone but now I can't. The ONLY thing I'm disappointed about my Moto Droid other than the camera is the audio sync in the video camera.
    06-15-2010 03:00 AM
  14. ericatomars06's Avatar
    Yeah i've had this issue too, I try to record in 30secs and so there isnt a problem. I dunno.. the camera on this phone sucks and so does its recording too.
    06-15-2010 01:52 PM
  15. asclepiancane's Avatar
    I had the exact same problem. The audio would play at normal speed, but it seemed as though the video was playing too slow. I fixed it by looking in the Market for alternative video players. I found a free one called PlaysVideo. It works perfectly, though works with different file types. If you want to use it you might have to do some converting. Totally worth it though.
    10-28-2010 01:45 AM
  16. rw6497's Avatar
    same issue here but there is a solution . im assuming most here are rooted. flash a diffedrent kernal. im using chevyno 1 1.25 . im also running ultimate droid 1.0 . the video recording issue is gone . rec@ords perfectly with 0 issues . very nice looking videos if i may add . im thinking it has more to do with kernal than rom. after i flashed rom i still had video audio sync and some studdering issues. after kernal it all went away. hope this helps
    10-28-2010 03:13 AM
  17. hbr's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue with my Samsung Fascinate running 2.1. Also with the Samsung Tablet running 2.2!
    12-06-2010 01:20 PM
  18. hbr's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem on my Samsung Fascinate running 2.1. Also with a Samsung Tablet running 2.2!
    12-06-2010 01:22 PM
  19. jetalc's Avatar
    Same problem here, only in reverse. Took some video and transferred it to my laptop. Played perfectly on the Droid X (Doubletwist) but the audio and video were HUGELY out of sync on the laptop. This is really frustrating. Why HD video if all you can do is play it on your little phone? I'm amazed this isn't a huge issue...
    02-24-2011 04:11 PM
  20. Glenn Fisher's Avatar
    I am having very similar problem. When I upload my recorded video files to Sony Vegas HD Platinum 10 for editing, I can see that as the video starts recording there is no sound for approximately 1 second. Then at the end of the video clip, the audio keeps recording for 1 second past the end of the video. I tried splitting the audio from video to see if I could just slide them into what I was hoping was synchronization but for some reason I'm unable to split the audio from the video using the standard Sony Vegas "U" command to split them. Very frustrating problem on brand new Motorola Droid Razr HD phone.
    12-26-2012 02:06 PM