Has anyone been having a problem with their Motoroloa Droid where the touch screen stops working. My phone's screen would time out and then I would be unable to unlock it, the touch screen would not respond at all. I take the battery out and it suddenly will work for awhile but then once the screen time out again nothing...I also tried factory reset and this is on a non-rooted droid. Any help or suggestions would be great especially since I'm back on my BB Storm
    06-05-2010 07:25 PM
  2. Menno's Avatar
    I would take it to a tech center and have them flash new software into it, and check for issues.

    It sounds like either your hardware is going bad, or somehow your recovery image (for factory reset) became corrupted.
    06-06-2010 11:22 AM
  3. p08757's Avatar
    I just noticed this today. I was moving some mp3 files from my Droid to my computer to put on my wife's iPod. Its an older one 4gig.

    Any way to make a long story short when I set the iPod on top of my Droid the screen freaks out and gets unresponsive. I think it has to do with the metal back on the iPod.

    Had your Droid been in contact with a metal surface or an evil iPod?
    06-06-2010 03:27 PM