1. Maske's Avatar
    Or is it just me?
    11-10-2009 05:24 PM
  2. kerimh40's Avatar
    *Knocks on wood*

    PS. thought I was in a crackberry forum for a sec...
    11-10-2009 06:51 PM
  3. mskaplan's Avatar
    I have not seen any reports of this. Suggest you take it back to the store. Could be a battery issue...
    11-10-2009 06:53 PM
  4. Richa13er's Avatar
    None for me, The guy I sold me storm to has been complaining like you would not believe.
    11-10-2009 06:58 PM
  5. mclarryjr's Avatar
    no restarts for me
    11-10-2009 07:43 PM
  6. dpeters11's Avatar
    It's been happening for me. As well as reboot loops, where it kept rebooting even after hard reset and battery pull. Only thing that seemed to stop it was sliding out the keyboard (or was just coincidence.)

    Also losing connection to the VZW network in places my Storm works.
    11-10-2009 08:01 PM
  7. Droid_Sayz's Avatar
    Ive had my phone reboot right after a phone call. happened twice, just returned it for another one.
    11-10-2009 08:19 PM
  8. raremage's Avatar
    Happened to me for the first time a short while ago. Two things that were happening at that time - no idea if either is related:
    1. Sort started to open my keyboard and then closed it
    2. battery had just about hit the magic 30% number where power manager switches to a low power profile.

    After the reboot, seems to be working fine.
    11-12-2009 01:49 PM
  9. Aelther's Avatar
    When I close the phone with a lot of force it reboots, it only happens once a day though, I can't really force it to happen. weird.
    11-12-2009 02:28 PM
  10. DougFNJ's Avatar
    I could be wrong, but I read on another forum that most of the apps in the apps store were designed originally for the original Android OS. It could be possible some apps cause conflicts with 2.0 and causing this to happen?
    11-12-2009 02:47 PM
  11. Bigjay4's Avatar
    yeah... mine is restarting everytime i install a new app... am I really gonna need to return my phone just got it yesterday...GRRRR....
    11-12-2009 04:21 PM
  12. Jesse Potter's Avatar
    This appears to be a pretty common issue. I'd suggest returning it.
    11-12-2009 07:44 PM
  13. Aelther's Avatar
    I figured out why mine was rebooting, if I closed the slider really fast right after I sent a text it would cause a reboot. The message still sent though.

    Could someone else test this and see if it causes a crash?
    11-12-2009 08:10 PM