1. Richa13er's Avatar
    Search apps for open home app. its 3.99 I believe. This will give you seven screens to fill up and allows you to download a ton of free and paid skins.
    It will also allow to set which screen is your main screen.

    Worth it and kind of the whole idea behind open source.
    11-10-2009 06:44 PM
  2. Snaz's Avatar
    11-10-2009 06:48 PM
  3. dakoop#AC's Avatar
    I wasn't impressed with open home. Maybe I need to give it a bit more time or find a different theme
    11-10-2009 06:49 PM
  4. largeselection's Avatar
    Yea I haven't heard great things. Does it lag the phone at all? I'm obsessed with keeping this phone as lightening fast as it was the day I first got it.
    11-10-2009 08:25 PM
  5. Mr.Miagi's Avatar
    Didnt it say next fix will be specific to android 2.0?
    11-11-2009 01:54 AM
  6. Richa13er's Avatar
    Honestly there is a slight lag. And your right I believe I did read of improvments coming for 2.0. I'll deal with the lag for the ability to customize.
    11-11-2009 07:02 AM