1. mimzy's Avatar
    Ok, this may be one of those dumb questions but has been on my mind since I got this device. I have noticed that my camera button is "wiggly", like it is loose and although it works, does not feel solid like the rest of the phone. Is this normal or did someone drop my droid before I got it?
    11-11-2009 11:17 PM
  2. droidowner92's Avatar
    mines the same. it wiggles as well. but it probably is not a big deal and if you have insurance then it definitely has got to be covered. I'm not concerned
    11-11-2009 11:22 PM
  3. mimzy's Avatar
    Thanks, I feel better. If it's made this way so be it, I don't have a problem. I feel thankful I am not having some of the software issues others are having and this was my only worry about my new phone.
    11-11-2009 11:25 PM
  4. droidowner92's Avatar
    i agree as I too am lucky in regards to not having software issues. But I'm still going to see what others have to say just in case we both have defective camera buttons

    I'm glad you brought this up btw as I never thought about it haha
    11-11-2009 11:29 PM
  5. ThirstyTurtle's Avatar
    ya, both the camera button and the volume rocker switch SUCK, especially compared to the fantastic build quality of the rest of the phone. But whatever, at least they don't rattle and make noise right?
    11-12-2009 01:30 AM
  6. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Its normal. They Do feel a bit loose.
    11-12-2009 01:37 AM
  7. Adiliyo's Avatar
    they both have a little wiggle to them, which partly seems by design (especially since they all seem to do it) as i've found it makes it easier to use them since it requires less force (but more than an accidental push) to push it in.

    so long as they don't make noise or fall off, i'm happy.
    11-12-2009 01:38 AM