1. aintnospam's Avatar
    Hi forum,

    So recently I've been having problems receiving messages from GTalk on my droid. In the past, when someone sends a message to me on GTalk, my notification light would blink green in the upper right corner. Starting a week ago, not only has the notification light stopped working, but I don't receive any messages from GTalk at all unless the GTalk program is actually running in the foreground. If I am returning from standby mode, no messages would show up at all until either I send someone a message or log out and relogin (in both cases I would receive all the missed messages at once).

    I suspect the problem is because GTalk automatically disconnects when my phone goes into standby. Not sure why that happens because I have left the option unchecked within the GTalk settings. But sometimes when I go into GTalk, my contact list is grayed out and when I close and reopen the program, it would say 'signing into gtalk'.

    So to summarize the problem:

    1) GTalk stays on all the time (green+available 24/7)
    2) Notification light goes off when receiving message while screen is off.

    After (starting last week):
    1) GTalk disconnects whenever screen is off.
    2) Messages aren't received on time. Phone shows no sign of receiving any messages until I either logoff/relogin within GTalk or send one of my contacts a message. All the lost messages appears at the same moment I do either one of those.
    3) Notification light no longer works (because messages arent received correctly).

    Hope that all made sense. If any clarification is needed please dont hesitate to ask.

    Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.
    06-14-2010 01:26 PM
  2. resplendent2209's Avatar

    I am using ATT N1 and My WiFi goes into sleep mode whenever the screen goes off.

    This is why I don't get any email notifications, no new chat message alerts when screen is off.

    The moment I unlock the phone, my wifi comes out of sleep mode and BOOM - All the queued emails and chat messages show up with notifications.

    Hence I decided to swap my N1 and I'll be getting it tomorrow. Lets see if it solves my issue or else I am gonna stick with my original and wait for Froyo.

    06-14-2010 01:54 PM