1. Cody Johnson's Avatar
    My eyes hurt, head aches, and very tired. I am desperate and can't find any information no matter how much I google and search forums. Using Qpst and cdma workshop I have followed this guide Flashing Motorola Droid to Cricket - Rob86Wiki I have rooted my phone, flashed it with cyanogenmod 7 , configured the cricket APNs, etc. The phone has been manually programmed to cricket and i can place and receive calls. The only problem is that under M.IP when i change the NAI from phonenumber@alltel.net to phonenumber@mycricket.com and under PPP config UM and AN login from phonenumber@alltel.net to phonenumber@mycricket.com and then click write, it reboots... i go back into qpst and check the settings and the settings changed right back to phonenumber@alltel.net Has anyone ran into this before? How did you fix it? thank you
    11-17-2012 01:37 AM
  2. Noodlson's Avatar
    hi there. just wanted to say that you're not alone in your frustrations. I am also having the same issue while trying to flash my droid x over to cricket. I too have been through dozens of forums and threads and have found a very little to no information regarding the problem. I was able to get the login to stick (it changed automatically, actually) after writing White Rabbits new NV items and changing the mdn and min using cdma ws. but it seems that qpst is unable to successfuly write to the flash memory. either that or something is causing the new values to revert on reboot. I'm truly at my wits end with this. I've even begun considering paying cricket to complete the flash, $75 I believe, even though they will most likely tell me that it's not possible. please, if you've gotten any information or answers share with me so I can put an end to this giant headache! and thank you in advance for any help you or anyone else might provide!
    12-07-2012 08:07 PM

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