1. JE5TERHEAD's Avatar
    hi new to android yay me.

    any way sorry if this has been asked nothing came up for force close. so say i am writing a text and i send to person then lock my phone, about 50% of the time the messenger app will tell me that it has an error and asks me to wait or force close??

    some times i get a force close on com.android sompthing for the phone itself, then it will turn off network connections then re start them?

    some times when i get finished sending text with the app open and lock the phone, when i unlock it and click the box to start typing it will show the auto correction but will not type in the box. i would hafto close out the app and open it back up for it to work properly.

    i dont know of these are connected in any way or if some thing is wrong with the phone, and also the battery lasts 8 hours max with sending about 150 ish messages and probably 20 mins on browser.

    my verizon
    a dyno
    digitheme chooser clock widget
    snesoid lite
    and all the stock apps

    settings are mostly stock i have tried turning off gps, turned auto dim off with back light to about 10% and sync off and i only averaged about 1 1/2 more battery life

    thanks for any help or suggestions i am sleepy 30 hours awake.
    night, jason
    11-12-2009 09:36 PM
  2. largeselection's Avatar
    No I haven't experienced this. I've had some force closings, but nothing that repeats and nothing with the messenger. Today has been the only bad day for battery for me. See my other posts for details if you're curious.
    11-12-2009 09:41 PM