1. Kronko's Avatar
    Hi everyone,
    I got my phone at a Verizon Store a couple of weeks ago and I paid the $ 299.99 and was supposed to send the papers to get the $ 100.00 back.
    I started to see all this posts about better deals at Sears, Best Buy, Dell, etc. and decided that it was not fair to get it for such a high price so I decided to go back to the Store to see what they were able to do for me.
    My family plan is expiring on March 2010 but when I got the phone two weeks ago, they told me that I could get it with the mail in rebate. Now that I went back they told me that nothing could be done so I returned the whole thing, including cover, car charger, and a couple of other things. I got almost $ 400.00 back.
    Now I have to think what to do next. I am upset to the degree that I would like to use a different company instead of Verizon.
    It is the warranty the only difference when you get the phone on line or at Best Buy?
    What would you do if you where in my shoes? Thanks for the input.

    11-21-2009 11:43 AM
  2. cree's Avatar
    I have been with Verizon for years, love their service. But the best deals are not at the store. I bought my phone online. I upgraded on Verizon's website, got my new every two($100 discount), and $100 online instant discount. So overall the phone cost me $99 plus tax, and not to mention I received free two day shipping. I always go to the store to check the phone out, but then buy online. No rebates to have to mail in.
    11-21-2009 11:55 AM
  3. Adiliyo's Avatar
    the verizon store never pricematches anyone.

    go to best buy or walmart if you want to get it right away, or go online.
    11-21-2009 12:01 PM
  4. hanano17's Avatar
    From what I understand, and from what i've been told, he won't get a cheaper price period if he doesn't have his NE2 available. Best Buy, Sears, etc. only honor NE2 upgrades, its in the fine print when you read it and go to check out through the online ones and BB will tell you face to face. Annual Upgrades are a Verizon only service, and that what it sounds like he did in the first place.

    Your only shot is to look up prices online at Verizon, if they sell the Droid for 149.99 for new customers, than you should be able to make them honor that price for Annual Upgrades. Annual Upgrades are sold at the advertised discount price for new customers to existing ones. GL.
    11-21-2009 12:55 PM
  5. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Best Buy is your best bet.
    11-21-2009 02:40 PM
  6. skitbraviking's Avatar
    11-21-2009 03:59 PM
  7. d1pham's Avatar
    I think it is worth paying the delta to purchase the phone directly from VZW because I feel they are easier to work with than most consume stores. I paid $200 for my Droid and when I went back to the store to pick up my car dock the manager noticed I had a dead pixel on the phone and swapped it out for me. If it wasn't for him I would have never known. Personally for me the great customer service and support is worth the extra money. Your results may vary though.
    11-21-2009 04:31 PM
  8. Marine One#AC's Avatar
    I purchased my phone online through verizon. It was delivered in two days. When I started having call quality problems with the original unit I called Verizon customer service. They suggested that I take it to a Verizon store and get it exchanged. I went to the store and they couldn't have been nicer. They swapped out the phone no questions asked, and the man who took care of me gave me his business card and told me to call him directly if I had any further problems.
    11-24-2009 12:41 AM
  9. johnolesen's Avatar
    ..speaking as a VZW rep...

    Best Buy, Walmart, are all indirect dealers of Verizon products. If you buy a phone through them, you have to DEAL with them for 30 day swaps and some warranty issues. VZW is completely hands off on dealer products. They make their own prices and their own deals.

    Its SAFER to go to a CORPORATE Verizon store.
    11-24-2009 12:58 AM
  10. salanester's Avatar
    I have to agree that dealing with Verizon seems worth the premium. I have had a couple of issues and they always take care of it. Even lost my battery door and I walked in and asked about how to buy a new one and they just went in the back and grabbed one for me.
    11-24-2009 01:01 AM
  11. teknomedic's Avatar
    Just wondering, how much does an extented warranty or whatever cost through Verizon?

    I ask because we bought our Droids through Best Buy, but they want $10 per month to cover it if we so choose. Their warranty covers "anything" (manufacture and accidents) so I'm just wonder how that would compare to Verizon over the course of say two years.

    The price differece would only be like an extra $60 ($30 per phone) if we returned the phones and went through Verizon.

    thanks for any input.
    11-24-2009 08:16 AM