1. DroidWill's Avatar
    OK, the first push last week first part of 2.2 update had me excited to see flash at work even though they were Beta's. Tried them and the final version and it was pretty much worthless. I got mine towards end of the push(last Thurs) so I didn't want to wait 2 weeks for Fifihotspot or the concrete gnome to hand deliver this 2nd part update this time.

    No problems installing FRG22D. Phone is snappier than before so I had high hopes. Much better initial install than the OTA I got last week.

    i go to get flash, try my favorite bands website (aboveandbeyond) and videos are bad still (but it does say not optimized for mobile) Overall worthless there.
    Try CNN----- worthless
    Try Break.com - worthless
    comedycentral.com - worthless

    Even the flash player demo is slightly jittery.

    Youtube app/website works very well.

    Any ideas? It seems a great number of people have no problems with videos and that frustrates me.
    Never rooted, stock
    08-27-2010 03:13 AM
  2. thebizz's Avatar
    That's all flash player. I simply hope they release an update soon to address the performance issues. Btw I'm overclocked and the videos are jittery which leads me to believe the app isn't as optimized for our chipset as we would have thought
    08-27-2010 05:54 AM
  3. DroidWill's Avatar
    I don't know if its ALL flash player. I read on other threads that Break.com works, and other sites (cnn) etc. with other Droids.

    I know its different but... My friends EVO loaded up sites flawlessly on several sites. ( BTW, I was really jealous of the speed and screen size. wow! )

    Can anyone post any websites that flash WORKS so I can test my Droid out further. I really wanted flash to work. Maybe I need to do a full wipe?

    I am going to root next week (hopefully if I can find time to do it) Easy root seems to be malicious from what I read on comments. There should be several root methods next week for sure on the latest building. But, since you are overclocked, that gives me little hope of good performance.
    08-27-2010 12:20 PM
  4. MartinRW's Avatar
    I just tried Cnn.com, break.com and comedycentral.com with my Droid running the latest updates and the videos seemed to work on all the sites.
    08-27-2010 01:01 PM
  5. pstinger's Avatar
    Some things are jittery for me, others aren't. I just wish the method of going full-screen was less clunky... I can never get it to work right!
    08-27-2010 01:07 PM
  6. DroidWill's Avatar
    @ MartinRW - are you rooted. What's your secret?
    08-27-2010 06:45 PM