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    Ok ive tried everything I could think of to get my wifi to work on my Razr M xt907
    Ive only had the phone for 2 months now, everything was working fine no matter the rom until, I tried to install a Liquidsmooth 4.3 nightly with TWRP from a OEM stock rom. The install was successful but when the phone restarted it booted back in to the OEM stock rom which I thought was weird but everything was working but the wifi. I went back to TWRP and restored my saved OEM rom; restarted and no wifi, back to TWRP and flashed Cyanogenmod 10.1.3 no wifi. Using matts Razr M utility 1.20 I flashed 4.1.2 Stock system still no wifi. Using R.S.D Light 6.1.5 and this method http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2391641 I flash that rom with the OTA update and nope no wifi. Using wifi fixer it says wifi stuck or bad NULL. Using FXR Wifi Fix it just gets stuck at the last step. I backup wpa_supplicant.conf and deleted it restarted and it stayed deleted. Dialing *#*#526#*#* does nothing. Using Logcat I got this :
    [ 10-22 22:41:26.955 703: 3128 E/WifiHW ]File "/data/misc/wifi/WCNSS_qcom_cfg.ini" exists, not copying
    [ 10-22 22:41:27.784 703: 3128 E/WifiStateMachine ]Failed to load driver!
    [ 10-22 22:41:27.784 703: 3128 D/WifiStateMachine ]setWifiState: unknown state
    Some info about the phone itself : Bootloader is unlocked, is rooted, Bluetooth works, 4G works; when im on the wifi screen and touch the slider from OFF to ON it immediately goes back to OFF and says at the bottom turning wi-fi on but nothing happens.
    Any Ideas, help, were to find xt907 wifi drivers is GRATLY APPECATED! Before I go crazy.
    In addition if you have instructions using ADB Terminal please do so with detail as im new to using ADB.
    11-03-2013 02:32 AM

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