1. xMassacrex's Avatar
    Does anyone know of a third party car dock that works with the droid? I know there are universal docks, but i'd like to avoid having to glue a magnet onto the dock. Any ideas? If it could fit a droid with a case on it as well, that would be better.

    Thanks for any responses. I've done some searching, and couldn't find anything that would work. Any and all help is appreciated.
    12-04-2009 01:37 AM
  2. kinglord's Avatar
    I found one on ebay, horizontal view works fine. No magnets. Only problem is it prevents chargeing as it covers the micro usb port
    12-04-2009 02:06 AM
  3. SpoiledApple's Avatar
    check out the "Arkon" mounts. i got the Friction dash mount and its pretty nice. you can also charge while mounted. Great for GPS use. I found it on Buy.com

    hope this helps
    12-04-2009 02:14 AM
  4. Mohawk3's Avatar
    I bought this off eBay:

    NEW Nav Cup Universal Dash Mount GPS Car Truck Holder

    It isn't technically a dock, but you can feed the car cord through it to charge the device. I also bought a motorola right angle micro USB adapter to help it sit better in the Nav Cup while charging. My device feels fairly safe when sitting in the nav cup, although I imagine that it might fall out in some high speed rough driving. I have not yet had to brake from 70 to 0 in a short time with the device in the cup yet and since I drive a Jeep Commander, I don't take turns like I am in a sports car. I feel comfortable with my device in the Nav Cup and it is easy to get in and out. Feeding the charging cable through is relatively easy, although like I mentioned, you may want a right angle micro USB adapter to help it sit better as the straight cable causes the charging side to sit higher.
    12-04-2009 07:53 AM
  5. myriad46's Avatar
    I found one on ebay, horizontal view works fine. No magnets. Only problem is it prevents chargeing as it covers the micro usb port
    I think that pretty much negates the concept of "working" with the Droid then, doesn't it?

    Thanks for the input.
    12-04-2009 07:55 AM
  6. xMassacrex's Avatar
    Thanks for all of the replies everyone. I really appreciate it. I checked out some of the docks, but none seemed to feature a magnet. Obviously, i can see where third party docks wouldn't just randomly have magnets in them for different phones. So without being able to find the official motorola dock, i'm thinking i'll need to add a magnet myself. No big deal.

    So anyone have some suggestions for a good, stylish third party car dock for 30 dollars or under?
    12-05-2009 05:00 AM
  7. simp_10's Avatar
    I bought the Xentris Universal windsheild Mount at Best Buy for $25. Since I have a case on my phone, the verizon option would be useless. It does not put the phone into car mode automatically but I simply hit the shortcut button on the phone. It does allow acccess to the charger and buttons if you place the phone and lock it in correctly.
    12-05-2009 08:49 AM
  8. UncleMike's Avatar
    Amzer has quite a few variations of Droid-specific docks. I've never used one, so I can't speak to their quality, but here's a link:

    Motorola Droid A855 Accessories for Vehicle Mounts

    I'm pretty sure that the Amzer mounts DO NOT have the magnet for car home mode.

    Also, if you're just having a hard time finding a Verizon mount, Best Buy supposedly has the Motorola-packaged mounts, complete with rapid car charger, though my local store doesn't seem to have them.
    12-05-2009 03:01 PM
  9. Adiliyo's Avatar
    if you're willing to pay the $30, why not just get the official dock?

    if you still want a 3rd party dock, how would you want it mounted? windshield? cup holder, air vent?

    i'd take a look on amazon, there's quite a few options on there, then you can just glue a weak magnet in the right spot.
    12-05-2009 03:05 PM
  10. xMassacrex's Avatar
    i'm looking for the official mount. But i can't find it anywhere. And also, i'm considering getting a case for the droid, so that pretty much throws the official one out the window.
    12-05-2009 07:36 PM