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    I rarely ever use the physical keyboard on my Droid to type due to my inability to really get used to it. However I use it alot using Snesoid playing Chrono Trigger
    Today, as I was playing I got a text. I use Handcent, and a popup interupted my game. Well with the keyboard out I figured I'd respond and as I began typing word sudgestions popped up along the bottom of the screen!
    That took me by suprise being that I had never seen that and I thought it was part of the 2.0.1 update?
    Long story short I found out that it was NOT the update but the HTC keyboard ROM I downloaded onto my phone.
    So far it works in the stock messaging app, Handcent and it's pop up, and gmail. It seems to force close alot when auto correcting though.
    I wonder if any devs could find out how to extract it and make it work with the stock keyboard configuration?
    My settings:
    Android Keyboard off
    Touch Input (HTC ROM) on
    My phone is rooted with the superuser permissions app (not sure that matters)
    All text prediction settings are turned on
    And i have the typing sounds on (pretty sure that has nothing to do with it)

    The sudgestions do scroll and are selectable
    There doesn't appear to be any pixelation due to higher screen res
    And of course here are the pics!

    12-20-2009 12:36 PM