03-01-2010 08:35 AM
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  1. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Just wanted to give a small review on the Sena Pouch Case that I just got in the mail today. It's made from a very soft high quality leather that doesn't add any bulk to the phone when you put it in your pocket. The phone seems so far to slip in and out of the case very easy and I'm guessing that it will only become easier after more use. The case slides in your pocket very easy too. The only concern I had when was that the phones ringer would become hard to here when in the pouch but I was wrong it doesn't effect the volume that much. If anyone is looking for a pouch case I would say the Sena is a very high quality pouch and I would recommend it. I will post some pictures later when I get home to my camera.
    12-21-2009 03:01 PM
  2. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Larry's, what happened to the pics?
    12-22-2009 06:35 PM
  3. billrininger's Avatar
    I am interested in the pics as well. I just pick up my Droid yesterday, and it needs a good case.
    12-22-2009 08:57 PM
  4. jymkym1's Avatar
    Where can they be found please?
    12-22-2009 09:53 PM
  5. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Seems like online only for now.
    12-22-2009 10:04 PM
  6. Donkey Hodie's Avatar
    I also just received my Sena pouch today. In general, I'll agree with Larry's review. The only exception I'd make is that mine fits very tightly. I've owned Sena's before and I know it'll loosen up with use so I'm not worried about it. Very nicely made.

    If Larry doesn't beat me to it, I'll post some pics tomorrow.
    12-22-2009 10:13 PM
  7. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Sweet so we should have pics tomorrow.
    12-22-2009 10:17 PM
  8. Thadeus50's Avatar
    I received mine last week. I really like it. Initially, it was a tight fit, but after using it for a week it fits perfectly. When I first saw it in person, I thought how in the heck is the Droid going to fit in there, but it does. Highly recommended.
    12-22-2009 10:23 PM
  9. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Sorry it slipped my mind, busy day going on vacation next week so I'm trying to complete my to do list and tonight I put 2.1 on my phone (was longer then expected but worth it). I will get something up tomorrow too.
    12-22-2009 10:57 PM
  10. luniboy26's Avatar
    Look forward to seeing the pictures...Havent really looked into getting a case for my droid maybe ill start searching around
    12-23-2009 12:07 AM
  11. alphabets's Avatar
    also would love to see the pix. i am very interested in the pouch. i currently have the clear verizon hard case, but im getting the multimedia dock, and it wont fit. so i was thinking i might be going the pouch route.
    12-23-2009 07:57 AM
  12. Donkey Hodie's Avatar
    OK, as promised here are the shots. Not the best photos in the world but they should give you an idea of what the case looks like.

    Case without phone

    Droid halfway inserted

    Droid fully inserted

    End view

    12-23-2009 08:27 AM
  13. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Ok here's a couple more sorry about the wait

    side by side

    end close up
    12-23-2009 08:42 AM
  14. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Thanks four the pics guys.
    12-23-2009 09:04 AM
  15. leathernuts#WP's Avatar
    Case looks nice. I just picked one up from verizon. Does not look as thin although it is a very nice fit, EXCEPT, it stops short of covering the end (i guess to grab the device). So its exposed to damages there. Im sure its not as thin either, but I only paid ten bucks for it, so its hard to complain. It actually looks identical to the BB Storm pouch, and says its for the droid, omnia II so it is a universal, but it does fit very nice. Nevertheless, I will probalbly return and get the sena for the full coverage it provides. i will try to post a pic in the morning.
    12-24-2009 12:20 AM
  16. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    So how are these holding up? Mine arrives tomorrow.
    01-06-2010 03:15 PM
  17. mclarryjr's Avatar
    Mine is actually getting better after use it's easier to slide it in and out. I'm very happy with the pouch and use it every day.
    01-06-2010 03:34 PM
  18. chrisb73's Avatar
    I will have to agree mine is getting better the more I use it.
    01-06-2010 04:15 PM
  19. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    Is any of the rubber backing rubbing off?
    01-06-2010 04:19 PM
  20. chrisb73's Avatar
    Is any of the rubber backing rubbing off?
    No not yet on mine
    01-06-2010 05:06 PM
  21. mclarryjr's Avatar
    I don't see any wear on my droid and it goes in and out at least 25 time a day every day.
    01-06-2010 07:45 PM
  22. gonzoguy24's Avatar
    I got the verizon one in the mail today...haven't picked it up tho...I hope it's nice...i got it for 15 bucks...so much cheaper than Sena...
    01-07-2010 09:38 AM
  23. Roy Aguilera's Avatar
    I got the verizon one in the mail today...haven't picked it up tho...I hope it's nice...i got it for 15 bucks...so much cheaper than Sena...
    If you search you will find a thread where that vzw case messed up someones phone. He even posted pics.
    01-07-2010 09:42 AM
  24. jhamilton3#CB's Avatar
    I got the verizon one in the mail today...haven't picked it up tho...I hope it's nice...i got it for 15 bucks...so much cheaper than Sena...
    It is cheaper because Sena is so much higher in quality.
    01-07-2010 10:31 AM
  25. mclarryjr's Avatar
    You do get what you pay for, the Sena is very nice.
    01-07-2010 12:10 PM
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