1. ftblryan#AC's Avatar
    Hi all,

    Brand new Tour defector. Just got my droid yesterday and I had to put my contacts into my gmail account then sync them over to my phone. When I got to autofill a person to recieve a text it only finds people that have been linked with facebook. For example a person named Joe Blow who has his picture next to his contact info will autofill when trying to type in a contact to text to. But if I want to text Jill Blow who does not have a picture from facebook in my contact autofill I would have to manually go into my contacts and click on her name then click send a message. Any way to fix this.
    12-24-2009 01:51 AM
  2. paa79594's Avatar
    make sure all your contacts at set to 'mobile' if you attempt to text someone and their accidently set to work or home it won't find the contact.
    12-24-2009 02:03 AM