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    hey i just got my droid a week ago and i was wondering if anyone knew how to set up a school email on it because ive had no luck.
    12-30-2009 03:00 AM
  2. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    Like any other non gmail account.

    Open the Email app, go through the manual setup and enter the required info.
    12-30-2009 03:22 AM
  3. scbower's Avatar
    if you check your school email with outlook, then open outlook, click on tools, click on view or change existing email accounts; you should then see your accounts, click on your school email, and click change, you should see your server information for that account. You will need to input that info when setting up your email account on your phone. It will test it as it is doing it, and you can set the frequency of checking that email and you should be good to go...
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    12-30-2009 12:16 PM
  4. scbower's Avatar
    If you use a web based email program, then just try pop.yourschool.edu for incoming and smtp.yourschool.edu or smtpout.yourschool.edu (or whatever your school web address is...)

    Hope that helps...
    12-30-2009 12:19 PM
  5. ericatomars06's Avatar
    I just had my school email forwarded to another email account and I synced it from there. I dont think there is a way to set it up.
    12-30-2009 01:20 PM
  6. Adrynalyne's Avatar
    I guess it depends on the school? University of Arizona doesn't have any problem with this.

    I have mine setup fine under k9. Annoys me a bit that I cannot set it up under the Gmail client, even though its a being outsourced to Google, but anyway...
    12-30-2009 01:22 PM
  7. ericks17's Avatar
    My school uses an Outlook Web Access (OWA) exchange account and it was pretty easy to set up, just enter the correct info for your account on the phone as chuckbower stated. For OWA your account info you need to click options then click about.
    12-30-2009 05:12 PM
  8. ips's Avatar
    I dont have my droid yet (getting it the 24th) but I just forward my school email to my gmail account it its worked great on my macbook pros email app and my blackberry. Most school emails seem to use a similar server so they should forward to gmail just fine. There is a slight delay before its forwarded to gmail (usually like 5 minutes) but otherwise no problems.
    12-30-2009 08:52 PM
  9. herki's Avatar
    The email app on the Droid supports both IMAP and POP accounts. I would think that somehow you would be able to get it to work.
    My school uses an IMAP system with Google Apps. It worked for me right away, but when my friend got his Droid, it didn't work right away. He had to change his password, and then change it back for his phone to work with it for some reason. So I'd recommend that you keep trying.
    12-30-2009 08:58 PM
  10. korp#IM's Avatar
    My school uses gmail as a provider so it was easy as pie. :-) .... usually when you open your email online there should be some type of help that lets you set it up for outlook and just use those settings.
    12-31-2009 12:06 PM
  11. angie_mobile's Avatar
    OK i just did it after messing around with it for a bit.

    still keep your user name as your whole email address
    mine for ex. mystudentnumber @ email . school . edu

    Incoming settings
    IMAP server: imap.gmail.com
    Port: 993
    Security type: SSL

    Outgoing settings
    SMTP server: smtp.gmail.com
    Port: 465
    Security type: SSL

    SPRINT HTC EVO 2.2 Froyo
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    09-08-2010 08:19 PM
  12. Ratchet's Avatar
    As long as you get their incoming/outgoing servers there shouldn't be any problems. If by chance, upon completing setup, you receive an error regarding outgoing settings, try changing your port number for outgoing mail.
    09-08-2010 08:32 PM
  13. VJ-2f4u's Avatar
    I have the same problem. My school email will not sync to my phone. My school email is a live email and i run it on outlook but no matter how i try to sync them onto my phone, it tells me unable to complete.
    04-05-2011 11:51 AM
  14. takeshi's Avatar
    What settings are you using? There are instructions out there for setting up Live@EDU accounts. I've Googled this info many times in the past for people asking the very same question.
    04-06-2011 11:29 AM
  15. jhesselg's Avatar
    Honestly I suggest you just mess around with it for a little. I have a web-based email and it seemed impossible to synch it on my android. I did, however, go onto my email settings and learned the actual server name of my school email, which wasn't simply "ucsd.edu" then typed it after "imap." the application request then changed but somehow it worked.
    just mess around and hopefully it will work!

    if not you can try and forward your school emails to another account (gmail, yahoo, etc) and have that on your phone.

    good luck
    02-02-2012 01:21 AM
  16. 9958575748's Avatar
    Just made an account to say thank you, this is what I needed.
    01-13-2013 12:20 AM
  17. scbower's Avatar
    Glad it helped!
    01-13-2013 03:07 PM
  18. Brian Aguilar's Avatar
    thanks this is the way to do it.
    02-02-2013 06:34 PM