1. Vance14's Avatar
    I have moved over all the apps to SD that I can (using Apps2SD Pro). The ones that are left are 21 apps taking up about 50 mb. I only have about 37 mb free. What is taking up the other 175 or so mb? I am tired of running out of space, so is there any of that I can get rid of?

    Does anyone know how much space the actual OS and system files take up? Seems odd that it would take up more than half of the available space.

    I have cleared the cache as well, but that only makes up about 3 or 4 mb each time I clear.
    02-04-2011 10:47 AM
  2. Sploinkin's Avatar
    Cleared the cache for what?
    02-04-2011 11:11 AM
  3. Vance14's Avatar
    I use Cachemate, and it clears a bunch of caches, but the browser is one big one.
    02-04-2011 03:01 PM
  4. scarryman04's Avatar
    sms, mms, pictures, videos, all that stuff takes up space. You can limit your texts per thread, default is 200 and that would hog a ton of memory especially if you text a lot of people all the time.

    And if you use a custom ROM and have your home locked in memory...that can also take up a little bit of space.
    02-05-2011 04:22 PM
  5. takeshi's Avatar
    OP mentions cache but seems to have overlooked data for his apps. Data also uses the same storage space.
    02-07-2011 08:11 AM
  6. Vance14's Avatar
    The problem with data is that it usually includes sign-in information and I don't want to delete that and have to sign in every time. Is it possible to selectively delete data?

    I went through and deleted the bulk of my texts and that only cleared up 3 MB. Even if I was to get rid of all my data and cache and have moved almost all of my apps over to SD that about 75% of my internal storage would still be taken up with (presumably) OS and system stuff. Is that right?
    02-07-2011 11:36 AM
  7. redman213's Avatar
    Heres a suggestion. If you're like me you don't use all the apps installed on your phone. I had the same problem as you and was trying to figure out a way to get more space on my phone. What I did was backup the apps i don't use with astro file manager and have them there for when I feel/need to use it. This cleared up tons of space on my phones internal memory. I'd also recommend a factory reset if youre looking to free up even more memory.

    Hope it helps!
    02-07-2011 05:24 PM
  8. Vance14's Avatar
    I have all of my apps backed up with Titanium, and all of my apps but a very few are on the SD card. The handful that must be run from the internal memory are ones which I use all the time (Maps, Facebook, Gmail, etc). And they don't take up the bulk of the space (about 50mb out of 230 or so being used). Are there other apps on the internal memory that I can't see? Is there other stuff I can delete?
    02-08-2011 10:52 AM
  9. Jayski1's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem...I've been deleting unused Apps,pix,videos...and still getting a"Not enough Phone storage" message~! What can I do????
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    01-22-2012 03:46 PM