1. acetylyne's Avatar
    Hey Everyone, I have been experiencing some weirdness with my touch screen and I was wondering if this is normal, possibly a software glitch, or if I should take my droid in for a replacement. Even before I rooted and ROM'd (Smoked Glass 3.1) when I was using the browser, every so often I would go to click a link, and I would touch said link and all of a sudden my browser would scroll to the top of the page and I would have to scroll back down and then find the link again and click on it. It continues to happen every so often in the browser, but I noticed it even more after I downloaded GMote and was using the touchpad control to move the mouse on my p.c. while watching video on nbc. After one episode, when the web player auto plays the next, the player changes from full screen to normal, so I was using the GMote to click full screen back on from across the room. This was all neat and everything, but every time I would move the cursor over to what I wanted to click on, and lift my finger so I could tap it, the cursor would fly to the top of the screen! It would take me a few successive tries to get it to work correctly.

    So I guess my question is, what's the most likely problem here? has anyone else had this problem with GMote? with their browser? is it user error / accidental flicks? I'm pretty sure it's not the latter, but can't rule it out completely.

    02-02-2010 09:19 AM
  2. Geezer Squid's Avatar
    I've been reading all the droid forums since November and if memory serves, the only thing I've read that might relate to your issue comes from using usb cords and/or chargers that don't play well with the droid. Were you charging or connected to the computer at the time of these anomalies?

    Otherwise, I've got nothing.
    02-02-2010 11:15 AM
  3. acetylyne's Avatar
    Thanks Geezer Squid but I've only charged the phone with the supplied USB cord attached to my computer or plugged into the wall, and the weirdness happens when it's not connected to anything.

    The biggest problem I forsee with this problem is it's not easily to reproduce since it happens infrequently it will be hard to show to verizon to prove a hardware fault :-/
    02-02-2010 11:39 AM
  4. weirdkid's Avatar
    Is it possible that it's still loading? I get that on my MyTouch3G. I'll click a link and it'll take me back to the top of the page sometimes while it's loading that link.
    02-02-2010 12:21 PM
  5. acetylyne's Avatar
    weirdkid that is an interesting thought for the browser weirdness, I will verify that the page is not still loading before I start trying to click links, but as to why it's doing it in GMote I'm still not sure whether I should think it's a software or a hardware issue.
    02-02-2010 01:51 PM
  6. fobrob102#AC's Avatar
    i have had the same exact issues. i have not rooted my droid. it happens every few weeks, but when it does happen it likes to do it a lot. i've just learned to ignore it and select my touches as precisely as i can so i can yell at my droid more when it happens because then i know it absolutely isn't my fault lol
    02-02-2010 02:23 PM