1. Traprock's Avatar
    I set up my Pop3 accounts but wanted to add my work E-Mail which I access through exchange.
    I was able to easily add this to my blackberry without any special settings. When I look at the options in exchange to get the server name and mailbox name I enter them in but Droid still says it cant log in.
    Our IT dept were previously unhelpful in a situation where my boss needed help with his BB.
    Should I try it like I did my POP3 accounts?
    03-15-2010 04:18 AM
  2. anon(4712533)'s Avatar
    03-15-2010 06:02 AM
  3. Traprock's Avatar
    Im going to have trouble getting my IT dept for some of the neccesary info.
    What I have is
    my login: MPower
    My Pwd: XXXXX
    My Address: MPower@awesomecorp.com
    Exchange Server: Exchange01.Awesomecorp
    User Name: Max Power

    I was able to set this up on my BB storm with just my login and password.
    03-15-2010 04:31 PM
  4. j7469's Avatar
    I'm good friends with a IT manager at my company and asked him about using my Droid to get my work email using exchange. He explained to me that the only phones that can access work email are my company issued blackberrys. The same holds true for accessing it from a personal computer. He said it was for security issues and that if I wanted to access my email on my phone I would need to get access a special website that allows remote access to email, oracle, etc... essentially all software that we use at my company. I got a remote access account and it's great for what I need it for and maybe your company offers something similar.

    On a side note, they also shut off the ability to access POP3 email accounts using outlook on our work computers. Again it was for security issues but since I own a Droid it's not a big deal anymore.
    03-15-2010 05:43 PM
  5. trentandrews's Avatar
    You might be able to use Touchdown. Their is a 30 day trial for it.
    03-16-2010 09:37 AM