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    I doubt anyone but me would buy a smartphone for a gophone account, but I'll post this anyway.
    Do not buy a motorola device unless you want to pay for background data usage. All android devices are not created equal & it is impossible to turn off background data but still use wifi on moto devices. For example, it takes 27 kb of data just to connect to my home wifi network with the flipout.
    All I wanted was a pocket sized device that texts easily, and takes photos. I thought the wifi & android apps would be fun for home use. I should have spent a few more dollars for an HTC aria. You can turn data use off, it is more pocketable, and has a better camera.
    11-21-2010 09:31 AM
  2. TrailOrTrash's Avatar
    I went to settings, then wireless & network settings, mobile networks, access point names. I changed the apn from wap to isp. Poor mr 3G tries to turn on, but his little arrows quickly fade away . . .
    11-24-2010 10:43 AM
  3. TrailOrTrash's Avatar
    whoops, only kidding. the phone reverts to default settings, so the fix is only temporary . . . i'd say this isn't the most customizable android device of all time.
    11-30-2010 07:00 PM
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    I'm sorry if this is reviving a dead thread, but I've got the answer, so I figured I post it.

    Have you tried APNdroid? It works well on my (non-Motorola so your results may vary) phone. No data should go in or out.

    The only Android phones I've seen with a data toggle built-in are HTC phones. There may be others, but those are the only ones I know of.
    02-05-2011 09:46 PM