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    I have had this rooted since sometime in the beginning of 2012, to get rid of AT&T's bloatware, and other apps that I would not use. Had to problems prior.
    Last night ~8pm, I tried to master clear the phone, and bypassed motoblur, now I'm stuck at a black screen, with my status bar. I'm connected to my t-mobile network and my wifi, got a call, and tried to answer, touch screen did not respond. I had a home replacement app, but never deleted the default while rooted.
    BUT, my status bar responds. (can drag it down, call voicemail, change USB tethering status) Yet I did not recieve a missed call notification after I missed it.
    Don't know what to do about this, any way I can get it to at least let me make/receive calls and install a 2nd party sms/mms application until I can get a new device?! Any help is appreciated. :-\

    Also, has anybody had this problem or similar.
    04-27-2013 05:29 PM

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