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    Bought a new AT&T Motorola FLipside MB508 to replace one that I broke. Last year, I bought and rooted three MB508s, one of which I sold to a friend and the other two my wife and I are using. Bypassing Motoblur at the first screen is supposed to be ##bluroff, which worked fine on the other three phones. The new ones I bought don't respond to the bypass code. I'm sure I can get through rooting and tweaking after that, but the phones are useless as they are. Help?

    Also, I did try setting up a Motoblur account online and then logging into that account from the phone, but it doesn't work. It says "Logging into MOTOBLUR" for a few seconds, and then says "The request timed out..."
    10-16-2014 11:37 AM

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