1. kingstu's Avatar
    I have been looking at leaks about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip as their counter to the Moto razr and it appears that though they have some things in common the actual use is something different. The Z Flip seems like it is just a phone that you can fold and unfold. While it is folded you can see notifications but cannot interact with them so you need to unfold the phone to use it. Unfolding all the time will increase wear on the screen. Also, you will need to have the phone open and use the main screen to do anything so there is really no power savings while using it. I can't see the real benefit of having it closed unless it is in your pocket. While on your desk at work it would be open just like any other phone.

    The Moto Z, however, gives the ability to use the phone in it's closed state for messages, emails, music and pictures. That's a lot of what people use their phone for so it can be very useful closed and give power savings with the smaller screen. In this regard it offers more than just a phone that can only fold.

    It seems like it isn't made to be a flagship but is made to be a premium device instead. The e-SIM only design limits it's universalness and that seems to be a deliberate design choice. It appears that their work with the ShatterShield screens will be incorporated into the razr so it should be able to take a little more abuse than it's competitors.

    I can't wait to try the razr and see if the premium features are worth the price.
    01-15-2020 05:35 PM
  2. cbreze's Avatar
    I've been reading about the Z-flip and also think the small front screen being mostly useless for any type of responses to incoming messages is not a good design feature. Maybe Samsung thinks the whole idea is just being able to carry a larger phone more easily by folding it for a pocket. But unfolding constantly all day for people who text a lot sounds like not only excessive wear on the screen and mechanism but a big drag that will get old fast.
    I like Moto's idea of design much better being able to respond to texts at least from the front screen without needing to open all the time. This is the device I want to see more of. Wondering when it will launch.
    01-16-2020 02:28 AM

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