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    When I first bought my Motorola Triumph I thought there were be lots of ROMS available. There are but not here in Android Central forums. Which I find weird. Anyways, here is a list of the currently available ROMS. What I just did was just a copy/paste from xda. Here is a list of what I could find in xda to ease the search on tweaks and roms. Give credit where credit is due. I'm just a messenger.

    The Triumph has been rooted.
    See it
    Get GingerBreak 1.2 HERE
    Then get superuser......That was fast.....

    To install CWM, do the following. If you wish to UPGRADE an existing CWM recovery that you already have installed, you still follow the following steps or alternatively, you can try the steps at the end of the post in the UPGRADE CWM USING FLASHABLE ZIP IN RECOVERY section:

    1. Download the CWM Recovery file using one of the links at the end of the post. I recommend the latest version--currently version Unzip the recovery.img file from the Zip file you downloaded (using WinZip, 7-Zip, or another zip utility) onto your desktop so it is easy to find.

    2. Turn OFF your Motorola Triumph (MT) phone.

    3. Once the phone is off, make sure that it is not plugged into anything at this time.

    4. Hold down the Power + Volume Down buttons simultaneously until the phone vibrates. (I usually hold the phone in one hand and then simultaneously press one button with my thumb and the other button with my forefinger)

    5. The phone will boot into Download Mode. You will see the following types of messages on the screen:

    polling, get oemsbl_mode=1

    6. Now plug the phone into your computer. A drive labeled MOBILE will appear in your computer (MAC or Windows. Not sure about Linux)

    7. Open the MOBILE drive and you should see a folder named image.

    8. In the image folder, you will now see the recovery.img file.

    9. Rename the file to recovery.img.old (or something like that) so you have a backup in case you ever want to revert back to the stock recovery.

    10. Copy the recovery.img file that you unzipped in step 1 into the MOBILE folder on the phone.

    11. After the copy is complete, unplug the phone from the computer and take out the battery, wait a second, and put the battery back into the phone.

    12. To boot up into CWM, hold down the Power + Volume Up and Volume Down simultaneously until the phone vibrates.

    The MT should boot up into CWM. The latest version will have blue lettering.

    The controls for CWM (as well as all previous Isaacj87 versions) in the MT are:

    Volume up --> up
    Volume down --> down
    Power --> turns screen dark
    Menu --> select
    Home --> nothing
    Back --> back
    Search --> nothing

    The links:

    CWM (thanks to isaacj87 and tickerguy) supports ext4 --required to flash the latest CyanogenMod 7 ROM by tickerguy--RECOMMENDED VERSION

    recovery-cwm- - reposting the Isaac's link from Isaac's MIUI thread.


    Older versions linked here for posterity:

    CWM (thanks to isaacj87) supports ext 4

    CWM (thanks to isaacj87)

    CWM (thanks to tjstyle)

    [MOD][UPDATE][b_randon14's Triumph Tweak Mod v1.2] - Download
    It includes:
    *A modified gps.conf using the one posted on Android Forums, and some things I gathered from other various places
    *A modified build.prop with many tweaks I have added(If your using the thunder build.prop posted on android forums this will overwrite it, but I will get around to adding my tweaks to it and posting an alternate version.)
    *Init.d support activated(So you can make your own script files and put them in /system/etc/init.d and have them ran at boot.)
    *My own custom tweak script(I modified the intercept tweak script I made for my ROM to work on the intercept.)
    *A zipalign at boot script I pulled from an old Perception ROM I believe, the script has the credits in it(This zipaligns any apk in /data/app at boot that is not already zipaligned)
    *The Thunder build.prop tweak mod is for those who want the build.prop file customized for market access for the HTC Thunderbolt. Read more about that mod on this thread: http://androidforums.com/triumph-all...et-access.html

    [ROM]Bone Stock & Stock Deodex ROM's Triumph-Now Resets Splash.img!!- Download
    If you want to use this ROM to build your own ROM off of, use the deodexed version and make your mods to it to save you the trouble of deodexing your ROM!
    Also if you build your ROM off of this, please give b_randon14 credit for posting this!! Thanks!

    [ROM][Beta] CM7 Android For Triumph [Tickerguy Edition; kernel: Mine] 10/16 - Download
    What's working (bold = new)
    Radio (3g/1xrtt/voice)
    Sound - phone speaker and mic
    Ringtones, vibrate, etc.
    DspManager - Yes, it works.
    Bluetooth - A2DP music and voice calls.
    Camera - full* (see below)
    Wired headset
    Location (coarse) - network/Wifi
    Orientation and G-force (rotation and shake)
    Market updated
    Compass/geomagnetic (magnetometer)
    Lights (brightness) code cleaned up; customizable via CM7's settings screens
    Bluetooth tethering
    MSS Clamping
    Ext4 filesystem (much faster)
    Tun.ko support (built-in, not loaded) for VPN users
    Soft key backlight now PWM controller

    What's known BROKEN:
    Hdmi non-functional
    Haptic feedback on softkeys is non-functional
    Proximity sensor may cycle when in-call
    Screenshot function in power menu does not work
    Note: USB tethering is in the list but does not work. Bluetooth tethering is fully functional.

    (UPDATED)[ROM]Princely ROM V2.7 - Multiple Themes - Link to Main Page
    What works:
    Audio/Call recording
    USB Tethering
    LED (dual-mode)
    Capacitive button lights
    Screen rotate/orientation
    Touchscreen with multitouch/screen rotate capable
    USB mounting
    CRT screen off animation
    Proximity sensor
    Camera (front and rear) [see next section below]
    HD 720P video recording/FFC video recording
    MMS [see next section below]
    Google Talk with video/voice chat
    Wired headset

    What partially works:
    Camera (FFC output during video calling and snapshots is not mirrored.)
    MMS (I can send, but not receive. Always comes back complaining about something.)

    What doesn't work:
    Ambient light sensors
    WIFI hotspot (DON'T ASK, WON'T FIX)
    720p video recording (Doesn't work in MIUI camera app. I've heard reports this works with a 3rd-party app)
    HDMI out/mirroring (I don't have any way of testing this. Maybe it does work.

    Known issues:
    These builds, as mentioned, are not being built from source. As such, measures were taken to get everything working. Don't be surprised if you get a FC or eleven. Furthermore, these are development builds (a.k.a not stable). Some of you may be able to live with it, some won't.
    Being similar to CM7 (at the core), the proximity sensor goes wonky during phone calls.
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    10-21-2011 10:50 PM
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    I'm currently on CM7 for the Triumph and it seems really good, faster then stock and i love the interface, options and theme, especially the turn off video, like old TVs, it adds a nice touch. GPS is fix and everything seems faster.
    10-21-2011 11:15 PM
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    They should do a sub menu for roms hacks and mods
    11-09-2011 03:02 PM
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    My CM7 build seems to work great. Merely an updated version of CM7 based on the most recent commits to the git. The ROM's performance is outstanding. I'm very happy with what Issacj87 and Tickerguy have done as my ROM comes from their repository. If I get permission to post it I will. I may need testers also.

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    12-23-2011 09:20 PM
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    Yeah im in just let me know. What changes did u make?
    12-24-2011 01:52 AM
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    Yeah im in just let me know. What changes did u make?
    Mainly, just a sync with CM's current repo for CM7. It updated a few things and brought the build to 7.2.0 rather than 7.1.x. Seems smoother than before. PM me and I can send you a link. It's still pretty much a vanilla CM7 build, but I made sure to add ADW launcher and such to make it a "full" CM7 build. I'm kinda partial to the ADW launcher because of the included menus and such. Makes it alot easier to make changes.


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    12-24-2011 06:31 PM
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    dolvek, I have a new build if you'd like it. Let me know.

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    02-02-2012 08:00 PM
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    U should post ur rom info here in ac forums
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    02-02-2012 11:28 PM
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    U should post ur rom info here in ac forums
    Thought about it, but its kind of overkill. There are 3 versions of, essentially, the same ROM already floating around. I may do it eventually, but there are some little tweaks that still need to be done to make this even more stable. I've been toying around with the ICS build for a few days now. It works great, but the ROM still needs work. GPS and Camera are not working. Those kinda kill it for me, especially seeing that faceunlock doesn't work without Camera. I do like it though. I may do a fresh sync of CM7 and post it up here. I need to get some approvals first though, because the version you have has some "borrowed" items to add to the functionality. You'll be the first to know when I post it up.

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    02-06-2012 01:57 PM
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    That new one that you send me of CM7 is pretty good. I love it. U should post it here or maybe not, but that is up to you. I really like the speed and almost no lag of the UI. I kind of dont like ADW Launcher but could get use to it. I been into the GO launcher lately. Will try that ICS Build and will see what all the fuzz is about. I have a NS4g and already have ICS on it and love it. Thankz sharpe351
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    02-08-2012 12:06 AM