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    First of all you have to have a Virgin Mobile Motorola Triumph in order to do this process that I'm going to start showing you guys in a bit

    Step1. Download Gingerbreak from GOOGLE simply type in "GINGERBREAK
    .APK" and download any of the files you see that are able to download this app.(THIS WILL NOT HARM YOUR PHONE)!!

    STEP2. Now that you have "GINGERBREAK" root your phone (IT WILL REBOOT ON SUCCESSION)

    STEP3. Download "4SHARED" from the ANDRIOD MARKET

    STEP4. Now that you have installed 4SHARED and created your account type in on the search box "SETCPU.APK"a list will show up get any of them they all work now press and hold to add to your account now simply press it and downloaded instal.

    STEP5. Will need to instal CWR ClockWorksRecovery:

    Make sure phone is unplugged then turn it

    2. Hold down the Power button and Volume

    3. It will say on phone "Incoming Download
    "polling, get oemsbl_mode = 1" and will keep
    looping that.
    Just ignore it

    4. Now plug your phone into your computer.
    There will be a removable device with storage
    that is called MOBILE (F

    5. Click on MOBILE (F and you will see a file
    called "image" .

    6. Open up "image" and there will be a file
    called "recovery. img"

    7. Copy and paste "recovery. img" to your

    8. Now delete the "recovery. img" from the
    "image" folder.

    9. hotfile.com dl/133185967/2993c7c recovery-cwm-
    Rename file inside to recovery. img)

    10. Now move the recovery. img from the file
    you downloaded into the "image" folder.

    11. Now take out your battery.

    12. Now press and hold Power, Volume Up, and
    Volume Down

    13. You will boot into recovery

    -Note- You'll need to Sign Up for this some Forums just a few clicks away no biggie right?By Signing Up you'll be allowed to Download files needed.

    STEP6. You should have gotten your CWR installed on your phone by simply pressing "VOLUME UP DOWN WITH THE POWER BUTTON ALL TOGETHER" you should be in CWR

    -NOTE- Now we will need to instal "UMPH KERNAL" on to your phone using Clock works Recovery (CWR) which is by far better than that of the Stock Motorola Kernal!

    -2ND NOTE- You guys Know the Motorola Triumph runs on a 1ghz snapdragon processor by instaling the UMPH KERNAL your phone will be at 1.9 ghz HERES HOW: Download the Umph kernal here's a link to it: Umph-Kernelv1.zip

    STEP7. After downloading the Umph Kernal download "ANDRO ZIP"from the ANDRIOD MARKET now simply make a new folder name it "UMPH KERNAL" go to your Download folder look for the Umph kernal Zip. Grab and move to the folder who was just created "UMPH KERNAL" Now tap on the the Umph zip kernal and it extract the files to that specific folder it should say "EXTRACT FILE HERE"

    Once done, LEAVE THE SD
    CARD IN!
    After this reboot your phone in ClockworkMod
    Once you are in the recovery, go to install Zip from SD
    Card option.
    LOOK for the FOLDER YOU PLACED IT IN "UMPH KERNAL" select the kernel zip file and flash / install.

    After the installation is complete, reboot your device.

    Apparently it’s better to keep your phone up to 1.4

    STEP 8. Now that your new Kernal is in place simply go into SETCPU which should be installed by now and overclock it from 1 ghz to 1.5 which is at what I have it at because 1.9 kills the battery change "ON DEMAND" to "SCARY"simple press the back button BAM!! OVERCLOCKED

    STEP9. Its time to change the PRL of the phone if you guys don't know what it is its Okay ill show you by using the PRL it will attache your phone to the nearest server in your area therefore giving you guys better signal and 3g

    NOTE: You don't have to do it but if you want a boost in 3g in both the DOWNLOAD/UPLOAD area then you differently should do this.

    STEP10. Instal "ANYCUT" from the Andriod Market once installed simply press on home windows till a windows pops up press on "SHORTCUT" now press on "ANYCUT" View throught files to tell you find and select
    COM PORT MODE", After widget is applied tap on widget and choose diagnostic mode or "DIAG"and
    there you GO

    STEP11. How to obtain your MSL or "MASTER SECURITY LOCK" which most companies including VIRGIN MOBILE won't give to you here's howownload and install aLogcat (free) from the
    Android Market.
    Run "ALOGCAT" and set it to "FILTER" by pressing the MENU type in "SEC_CODE " press home and
    Go to your Phone and dial ##33284#
    When prompted for the MSL, type 000000.
    Now, go back to aLogcat. It should have found a
    "sec_ code:" line with your MSL code at the end
    of it. It's 6 digits. That's your MSL save it!
    Hope that helps.

    STEP12. Now where half way towards getting the PRL:Use the Motorola Triumph USB cable (the one that comes with the phone)- Others may work
    but this cable was designed for use with the
    phone, use it if possible.
    Stock Phone Driver- Found on the phone when
    connected via USB. This driver should be
    installed before attempting any modifications.
    QPST 2.7 Build 366- This is what I use, other
    versions may work as well.
    Sprint PRL 60683- This is the latest version of
    the Sprint PRL and includes the most recently
    added towers.But if found other PRL'S like 01115 01119 01120 they work.Ok Just use the Sprint PRL.
    MotoConnect- Not technically required but
    makes the detection process easier due to
    notification windows.

    QPST 2.7 BUILD 366 LINK:QPST_2.7_366.rar

    MOTOCONNECT: USB and PC Charging Drivers - Motorola Mobility, Inc. USA

    01120 PRL: 01120.zip

    Mt Stock PRL 60680: 60680.rar

    Newest Sprint prl 60683: There's a bunch on the web just typing Sprints New prl 60683

    NOTE: Make sure to EXTRACT FILES!on your computer or with your phone using "ANDROZIP" which you should have installed by now

    STEP13. The next step is to identify what COM ports
    your particular computer uses to connect with
    the Triumph. Open your device manager on
    your computer -it can be in the control panel depending what computer u use-and expand the “Ports” section.
    Make sure your phone has USB debugging

    STEP14. As I told you before you had to extract QPST and the prl file to your computer in the same folder.

    STEP15.Open Up the QPST Click the windows log at the bottom click on program right click QPST after clicking it there should be a list of programs to run click on "QPST CONFIGURATION"

    1. Open QPST Configuration
    2. Select the "Ports" tab
    3. Click "Add New Port"
    4. Uncheck "Show Serial and USB/QC Diagnostic
    ports only"
    5.Click on your device and hit OK
    6. Highlight your phone on the "Ports" tab
    7. Open up the "Start Clients" menu
    8. Click on "Service Programming
    9.QPST Service Programming will open up and a
    "Phone Selection" window will appear: Click
    your phone if needed, and press OK
    10.Now select the "Roam" tab and click on "Read
    from Phone" button
    11. Enter your MSL, OK
    12. Click on the "Browse" button and select the PRL
    file you want on your phone
    13. Click the "Write to Phone" button next to the
    "read phone" button
    14.Wait for it to finish writing there should be a line loading on top of the phone. You
    might (read as most likely) get an error box,
    click OK on it.
    15.Once all that is done, you can reboot your
    phone and enjoy the changed PRL
    STEP16. Get root explorer from the Andriod market or type in "ROOT EXPLORER.APK" on googles Web and download it and instal it to your phone its and APP
    STEP17. Ok now Copy this:
    ro.product. rat=EvDo only

    STEP18. Go into root explorer find "SYSTEM" a new page opens now press and hold on (BUILD.PROP) Tell is pulls up a list of things to do click on "OPEN IN TEXT EDITOR" now you'll see a page of black word on white paper

    STEP19.Paste what you earlier copies on to this paste it under "RO.PRODUCT just find the letters And past it at the end of the last RO.PRODUCT file just paste and reboot

    NOTE:The next step is if you want full ANDRIOD MARKET access now all you need to is instal the BUILD PROP. file viavia Clock Works Recovery this is the build prop. From and HTC THUNDERBOLT which has the same CHIP SET as The Triumph but with full market access

    STEP20. Go to your Andriod market look up order and chaos you won't be able to find it on the normal motorola triumph when you flash it to the thunderbolts Build.prop you will and many more other apps like
    Crackle, Order and Chaos, Modern combat 2,
    NOVA 2, Backstab etc. Basically it will show
    everything a thunderbolt can see. I used that
    phone as my basis because it is similar to ours
    yet it has more support in the market for apps
    such as the ones gameloft offers.
    First instal the Thunderbolts zip from here: androidforums.com/triumph-all-things-root/405837-thunderprop-build-prop-market-access-updated-10-4-2011-a.html

    NOTE2: You are going to have to sign up for this forum in order to get the zip required the zips name which your suppose to get is called: MTThunderprop.zip

    STEP21. Now go into AndroZip which you should have installed on your phone I'f you haven't been following this forum you get it from the market now create a folder name it "Thunderbolt" now look for the thunder.zip file you just downloaded grab and move to the THUNDERBOLT FOLDER now press and extract

    STEP22. Go to Manage Applications, click on
    market and make sure to force stop first and
    then clear data on your Andriod Market App

    STEP23. Now turn off your phone


    STEP24. Now you are on CWR now go to "INSTAL ZIP FROM SD CARD" and simply look for your folder where you placed the thunder.zip now instal or to your phone and your done reboot back

    STEP25. Now that your Phones on go to"SETTINGS" " ABOUT PHONE " and you'll see your Triumph is no triumph its actually "THE HTC TRIUMPH THUNDER" lol check the oses its at 2.3.4 there you go guys Thank you for reading bye!..
    10-29-2011 08:19 PM
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    Nice write up
    11-01-2011 01:18 AM
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    thank you trying to make the triumph a bit better spread the word on the forum
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    11-01-2011 12:38 PM
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    i'm doing what you had in your right up. i got the recovery.img file onto my triumph. it wasn't recovery.img it was just recovery. i installed the new recovery file. renamed it. when i hold both volume buttons and the power button, the phone just starts vibrateing, continuously. i've tryed it 10 times. still just vibrates. nothing comes up on the screen. the phone has been rooted succefully. checked with root checker. installed the recovery file 3 times. please tell me what i'm doing wrong. thank you
    11-06-2011 07:41 AM
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    you did instal CWR? right? CLOCK WORKS RECOVERY?
    11-06-2011 12:49 PM
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    i'm at the part where i installed the new recovery.img file. i pull the battery. hold the volume up,volume down and the power button. my phone just starts vibrateing. nothing comes up on the screen. i have to pull the battery. tryed it a bunch of times. i even downloaded the recovery.img file from a different source. tryed it again. the same thing happened. i hjave gingerbreak,superuser,4shared,setcpu,rootchecker and es file explorer. everything seemed to be going smooth. thats when i ran into this problem. just my luck. to answer your question, no. i beleive that i'm hgalfway there. i need to do the volume buttons and power to complete the process.
    11-06-2011 04:56 PM
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    what you guys fail to realize is that your computers OS is hiding the .img extension

    so when you put the new file in, and name it with .img, the ACTUAL file is being ended with .img.img causing the phone to fail to boot.

    turn on "show file extensions" then go back and make sure the file is named correctly and you will all be fine.

    the OP needs to include this bit of info in his quide
    11-06-2011 06:37 PM
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    You are stuck on STEP 5
    1.Make sure phone is unplugged then turn it off.

    2. Hold down the Power button and Volume down.(so its volume down while holding the power button)

    3.It will say on phone "Incoming Download Mode" "polling, get oemsbl_mode = 1" and will keep looping that. Just ignore it

    4.Next download the recovery file sorry that the last one didn't work here you go: hotfile.com/dl/125513547/1bc8f14/recovery.img.html

    NOTE:After downloading the file place it into a new folder on your computer to place into to after placing it there keep this folder opened

    5. Now connect the usb wire to the computer the wire is one that comes with your phones charger wait for it to instal the drivers that should be automatic and after its done loading the drivers and everything Instals properly go into
    COMPUTER Click on MOBILE (F and you will see a file called "image" .
    6. Open up (just click on it) "image" and there will be a file behind it called "recovery.img"
    7. Copy and paste "recovery.img" to your desktop so of course place it into the folder where you downloaded the others image but rename as they both do have the same name
    8. Now delete the "recovery.img" from the "image" folder in mobile F not the one you copied and pasted.
    9.After deleting the stock image file from IMAGE FOLDER grab the recovery file you downloaded in the link I provided you and place it onto the "IMAGE FOLDER"

    10.Now take out your battery

    11.Now press and hold Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down
    13. You will boot into recovery

    There you guys go hope that was easy enough
    11-06-2011 09:02 PM
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    thank you for helping me out. your instructions are pretty much ***** proof. so you thought. lol. i will do as you said. the first time i was in the "image" folder, the recovery was only labeled as recovery. not recovery.img. i watched a youtube video and his triumph had recovery.img. dont know if this means anything. i will redo all this again. i apalogize for this. i will let you know how i make out tonight.
    11-07-2011 07:54 AM
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    its Okay just trying to help no I didn't make it ***** proof I just didn't wanna write it my self because I got lazy lol Okay now your saying when you click on the image folder behing the folder it says recovery that's ok copy and paste to the new folder where you have the download I provided(ATHE OTHER RECOVERY) but see now you won't have to rename your (STOCK) recovery file as it only says recovery and mine recovery.img just make a transactionBut delete the your recovery image and place mine onto your folder (DONT OVERWRITE YOUR RECOVERY IMAGE)that's not how it works well hope that cleared your mind a bit
    11-07-2011 10:08 AM
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    KA POW!!!! i got it. i downloaded the recovery file that you gave me. installed it and it booted in clockwork. i didnt get to put the new kernal onto it. my girlfriend was nagging to use the computer. i will let you know how i make out. i wanna thank everyone for being polite and helping me out. couldn't have done it without all your help. thank you
    11-09-2011 08:12 AM
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    so im guessing by now you can use Clock Works Recovery?:} good okay please msg me if you have any more question and dont worry i love to help
    11-09-2011 12:19 PM
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    Thread to be continued.....
    11-18-2011 05:25 PM
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    Thread has been cleaned of off topic discussion and any more will not be tolerated.
    11-28-2011 04:48 PM
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    Thread has been cleaned of off topic discussion and any more will not be tolerated.
    so your post is off topic!
    11-28-2011 05:00 PM
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    so your post is off topic!
    He's a Supermoderator, I wouldn't mess with him.

    On-topic, SetCPU is available legitimately (for free) from XDA-Developers... best to go there and get it, not putz around with a third-party, unscrupulous downloading service.
    SetCPU for Root Users [2.2.4] Undervolting and more 07/07/2011 - xda-developers

    Also, can you please fix your grammar? It's not a problem when you write your instructions but misspellings in important names (e.g. kernal, gingerbrake) may not be tolerable for users following your directions
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    11-28-2011 09:39 PM
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    I wrote this to help people out and get it out quick, if you really wanted me to fix the 2 missed spelled words than it wont be a problem....
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    11-29-2011 01:26 AM
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    I wrote this to help people out and get it out quick, if you really wanted me to fix the 2 missed spelled words than it wont be a problem....
    No, it's that you completely ignore periods, then stack them at the end of your sentence like this......

    and sometimes you go into full CAPS LOCK MODE AND DONT TURN IT OFF UNTIL whenever you feel like.

    othertimesyoutype reallydumblikethis andforget to usethings like the spacebar.

    All this makes your posts difficult to follow and hard to understand. Also, personally, it makes me think its kind of how you talk in real life. Then I saw your youtube videos and realized I was correct in my assumption.
    11-29-2011 03:11 AM
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    you did instal CWR? right? CLOCK WORKS RECOVERY?
    It's CWM Recovery as in ClockWorkMod recovery originally developed my Koush.

    And please don't post stuff about the 4shared app and getting setcpu for free. The developers work really hard on their apps. And plus you can sign up at xda and get it for free. No need to intentionally pirate it.
    11-29-2011 06:13 AM
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    Ok, I have got just about everything done, but, for some reason whenever I get to step 15 & I cannot go any further. I have downloaded all the files and gotten everything, setup on both my PC and my phone, but when ever I plug my phone into the computer, and activate QPST explorer, it registers the port my phone is plugged into, but never my phone. And that is not only on my windows 7 laptop, but my sisters desktop running Windows Vista, as well as my moms running Windows XP. I have even downloaded the Android SDK for any possible missing drivers, and still I cannot get any computer to recognize my phone through QPST. Any Ideas??????
    12-30-2011 02:49 PM
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    I have a virgin mobile triumph. Ive been reading alot about rooting and flashing roms. I am totally ignerent when it comes to the technical stuff. I would like to root my phone, so I can make my phone a wireless hotspot and hopefully help with 3G speed and signal strength. Have you heard of anyone bricking their phone by doing this? I am debating on whether I should do this or not. I do have a replacement plan by Best Buy and I was told if I do this, I void the warrenty and I would be otta luck if something goes wrong with the phone. Also, if I do decide to do this per your instructions above, if I mess up on any part of your instructions, can I reset it to factory reset, or undo what Ive done, or am I out of luck? I would appreciate your feedback and any suggestions you may have. Thank you for your time in this matter.
    01-01-2012 06:00 PM
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    Bookmark this page:

    [Guide] Motorola Triumph - All Things Root - Android Forums

    One of them shows you how to go back to stock ROM & recovery if you want to claim warranty, otherwise nobody's ever bricked their MT so bad they can't restore it. It's one of the easier phones to root & customize without worrying about bricking it.
    01-02-2012 02:17 AM
  23. jreink01's Avatar
    Thank you for replying. Do you know of anyone that has the easiest instructions on how to root my Motorola Triumph, and instructions to go back to stock rom in case it doesnt work. And also, if I decide to flash a custom rom, which one would you recommend? Ive been hearing about this CM7 rom, but heard it has quite a few bugs.
    01-02-2012 02:14 PM
  24. Whyzor's Avatar
    Thank you for replying. Do you know of anyone that has the easiest instructions on how to root my Motorola Triumph, and instructions to go back to stock rom in case it doesnt work. And also, if I decide to flash a custom rom, which one would you recommend? Ive been hearing about this CM7 rom, but heard it has quite a few bugs.

    [GUIDE] Installing CWM and a custom ROM on the Motorola Triumph - Android Forums

    and CM7:

    [ROM] CM7-TG-Reloaded - Android Forums

    The only major bugs are HDMI doesn't work, and BT & Wifi can't be used at the same time, also just having them turned on uses more battery (but you can setup quick toggles in the notification bar). Everything else works better than stock.
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    01-03-2012 11:36 AM
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    My phone will not reboot into cwr. I have a triumph, and I can get to the point where I have to take the battery out and press the power and volume up/down. When I press those buttons together, I get nothing. Please help. Please.
    01-15-2012 11:13 PM
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