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    Hi there!!! As a right to you on my iPad, in June, my contact with T-Mobile is up, and I am going to HAPPILY switch to Virgin. Right now I have unlocked an iPhone 3G (yes.... Old!) and I really actually like it, despite it's slow and sometimes unresponsive. I was wondering if the screen on the triumph is as hard as the iPhone is. I had an old Samsung that I had to use temporarily, and I hated it. It was unresponsive, and the actual screen I could break when pushing it (with anger), because it was a flimsy plastic. The last thing I want when I make the jump into the unknown waters is having a flimsy plastic screen! Is it like the ones on display? I don't think it would be, because I think those are removable and you can change out the backs.

    Thanks for reading the first chapter of my novel XD, and I can't wait to hopefully hear some responses!
    05-10-2012 09:20 PM
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    The is pretty decent for a budget no çonract phone. Where I live sprint 3g service leaves something to be desired. I am switching back to verizon. My triumph is mint condition. I will sell it to you for a great price if you're interested.

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    05-10-2012 11:20 PM
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    I agree, for the price and lack of contract, it's a nice phone. You can root it and all that jazz and you have a great functioning phone. BUT they should be releasing a dual core android soon that's a lot nicer in specs. It makes sense to do one of 3 things if you really want to switch to virgin.
    1:They have a wifi thing made specifically for ipod touch(dunno about iphone) where it's a personal sized hot-spot. It could actually save you money depending on your usage(I wish I saw that as opposed to the intercept. I'd still be using the ipod touch now if that was the case, but whatever, I'm an android convert now. )
    2:Wait for the new phone to be released(slight pricing changes, and rumors have been murmuring) and buy the new phone
    3:Wait for the new phone to be released and buy the triumph as it decreases in price because people will be getting the better android.

    I remember my ipod touch having more heft for it's size- I haven't handled an iPhone(they are expensive phones and I am fairly clumsy so it's all good). You will be getting a bigger screen and a lot more customizability regardless of which android you go for.

    I will also note that a rumor I read noted this new one is supposed to have gorilla glass.

    Again, all rumors, and if the new phone turns out to be a dud, opt for the triumph. It's a good phone and I have no plans to upgrade anytime in the next year.
    05-11-2012 11:35 PM