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    Hey everyone, I just got a BRILLIANT idea!
    I once saw these solar charging iphone/ipod touch cases way back when, which sort of inspired this idea.

    I bought an external solar charger for my Intercept and have used it a few times with my Triumph.
    Now the solar cell is messed up(it charges via USB only, let's just say that) and I dislike having to reboot my android to swap out batteries.
    While I know it'd be no more than an extra couple of hours per charge of extra time to use my phone, that's a LOT in android time!
    But I can't find any guides on taking a solar charger and modding the wires/battery/ies to become part of a case for a phone.

    Anyone have any pointers or know of any good guides? I don't need it specifically for MY phone, the shape of the phone and all, I can work around that sort of thing, I just lack electrical knowledge.

    And trust me, I can make my own case if need be(woot I can machine shizz!).
    09-25-2012 08:03 PM

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