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    Question to anyone who may know:

    I am still on stock rooted 2.2.1 (by choice) & have a system app (Blur updater) that Titanium Backup didn't properly backup for me (it is still in the folder on my SD card, but won't restore back onto the phone & the devs @ Titanium Track have no solution because they say the file must have been corrupted).

    Anywho, do I just download "BlurUpdater.apk" & BlurUpdater.odex" from here: Droid X Default Applications (2.6.32) - ChadHaney.com
    Then move them both into /system/app using Root Explorer, reboot & then done? Am I leaving any other steps out?

    I would like to get this system app back on my phone before freezing it & hopefully not brick it in the process.

    Thank you in advance for anyone who helps.
    08-10-2011 07:35 PM
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    08-11-2011 03:36 PM
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    Hey had similar problem on my dx2. That said this may not work the same, so before you try what I did check in your /system/app folder with some rooted file explorer. Find an app that was never removed and has an accompanying odex file. I use super manager or I found es file explorer works too. Select the odex file and look what permissions it has. In super manager do this with the 777 button with es explore long press the file and properties (in es make sure root mode is checked in settings first) then change permissions. NOW WITH OUT CHANGING PERMISSION MAKE NOTE OF WHAT IS CHECKED. For me User: read, write Group: read Other: read are checked. Now take the app and its odds you want to reinstall and place is the system app folder. Then change the permission of the odex file so it has the same permissions as the other odex files. Then reboot your phone. Worked for me.
    08-11-2011 08:15 PM