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    This probably more broadly applies to AOSP vs. Moto-based ROMs in general, but these are the two I have experience with.

    First of all, AOSP ROMs are born from the Android Open Source Project and include ROMs like CM7 and MIUI. Most Droid X ROMs these days take the Moto software image, strip out some things and put in others. If you are a coder, check out the AOSP ROMs to see if you can check in your own code, or at least fork the release and modify it as you see fit. If you aren't a coder, or you can't figure out how to do this, it really doesn't matter if the ROM is open source or not.

    But the features of the ROM are important, and that's what I'm here to discuss.

    You won't find quadrant scores here, but I am happy to report that my X weighed 5.6oz with CM7 and with Liberty - this being just about as accurate an indication of performance as Quadrant scores. Really, both ROMs are pretty snappy and it's much more likely that the background apps you have installed will have more to do with performance than which ROM you choose. If you insist ROM A is noticeably faster than ROM B then by all means stick with ROM A. Since both are eminently usable speed-wise I see no need to nitpick over which is "faster" and whether that really matters when I'm actually using my phone for something more than flipping through the home screens.

    CM7 benefits:
    • I like the movement of the toggle icons to the dropdown shade, I think that works well from a UI perspective.
    • I really like the additional power-off options. It includes reboot (normal, bootloader, recovery), screenshot, and a few other goodies. Again, pretty slick and a nice addition.
    • CM7 runs on just about anything, this means if you really like CM7 and decide to get an HTC or Samsung you can probably (eventually) flash CM7 and get all the same goodies.

    Liberty benefits:
    • You have access to as much or as little of the stock Moto apps as you want.
    • Seems more stable than the 340 stock build, but 602 may have fixed some of those issues.
    • The ROM Toolbox for Liberty has a lot of customizations, but it doesn't really belong here since Jrummy is making it less of a Liberty add-on and more of a generic ROM add-on.

    Not much benefit to Liberty so far, CM7 has a few nice benefits while Liberty is more of a "better than stock" experience. But let's look at the cons.

    Liberty Cons:
    • Ugly default theme, unless you're into construction yellow.
    • Development has slowed, 0.9 has been around for a while and there has been no changes for the 602 build yet (although it runs fine on the 602 kernel).

    CM7 Cons:
    • Daily builds make this list hard to maintain
    • WiFi frequently is unstable, I need to disable and reenable from the menus (not the pulldown toggle) to connect to my home network and even then frequently I seem to have DNS errrors and can't get anywhere. Older builds were better on this, future build may fix the issue, or maybe just a wipe would have worked.
    • Battery life is iffy, seems to be worse on CM7 than Liberty or stock but again, this is pretty variable due to installed apps.
    • No access to stock apps. The MotoBlur camera is pretty nice (yes, I know some love the MIUI camera) and I like the panorama support, most of the rest I've moved to AOSP versions since they'll be available on my next phone regardless of manufacturer.
    • To get some things to work you need to install some proprietary drivers. AOSP fans should hate this but most AOSP fans don't actually understand what this means...
    • No access to stock drivers. This means no HDMI and there doesn't seem to be an effort to get the proprietary HDMI drivers ported over (assuming it's possible).

    In short, if you're OK with bleeding edge releases and don't mind a lack of HDMI CM7 is a great ROM. If you like having the ability to use stock Moto apps, need HDMI, or just want a little more stability Liberty may be a better choice. I went from Liberty to CM7 for a few weeks and now I'm back to Liberty. But I'll probably hit CM7 again eventually, especially if they end up with a mostly stable Ice Cream Sandwich build before Moto/Google/VZW gets leaks.
    09-05-2011 01:22 PM
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    When I loaded CM7 about a month or so ago, the Google Maps Navigation was not working. Is this fixed yet?

    Is there any way to load the proper drivers to allow HDMI output to work? This is a big feature of the X in my opinion and would like to see a psuedo AOSP ROM that supported HDMI come out.
    09-06-2011 06:47 AM
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    When I loaded CM7 about a month or so ago, the Google Maps Navigation was not working. Is this fixed yet?
    I've never had any issues so it seems to have been fixed. I've also always applied the razorloves AIO fix which may tweak something even though it's mostly a camera-related fix.

    Is there any way to load the proper drivers to allow HDMI output to work? This is a big feature of the X in my opinion and would like to see a psuedo AOSP ROM that supported HDMI come out.
    Not that I know of, even worse I haven't seen any interest in getting it working. If it was implemented I'd gladly move back to CM7 even if I had to fiddle with the WiFi every so often. A quick note to Gman shortly after I installed CM7 just told me RealHDMI wasn't supported on AOSP ROMs, I think he may be the best person to extract the drivers and get them working but I didn't sense any interest from him. I'd easily pay more for a RealHDMI AOSP version even if it needed an out of band ZIP for liability/copyright reasons.
    09-06-2011 04:21 PM
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    Liberty has all the bugs that moto forgot to fix and cm7 has its own bugs due to it being in beta. I just want a stable release, gingerbread was a huge step up and down at the same time for the droid X.

    My most frustrating bug with GB was that it broke how blank areas are supposed to be displayed this was particularly noticeable to me in wunderlist and doggcatcher. example:

    09-06-2011 05:02 PM
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    so is Liberty working on the rooted .602 now? i was under the impression that it wasnt yet..im right now unrooted and on .596 but if liberty is working on .602 and i just upgrade to .602 and root with the d3 root method and then flash Liberty?
    09-06-2011 05:53 PM
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    I did the two-stage install for 602, installed the D2 bootloader, and then Liberty with no issues. Officially I don't think it's supported, but a thread I found seems to indicate it works well - and so far no issues on my own X.

    I also think it's more fair to say that Liberty has all of Google's bugs, some of Moto's (not all of Moto's stuff is there), and some of the custom Liberty stuff. CM7 has all of Google's bugs plus their own - the fact that they're beta implies there are more than usual but things like keyboard selection is apparently borked across a lot of releases including those not in beta.
    09-06-2011 06:03 PM
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    do u have any issues getting paid apps off the market with liberty? ive seen people having issues with ApeX and Shiju (sp)..also what do you mean some of google and moto bugs are present in Liberty
    09-06-2011 06:10 PM
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    would u suggest me to do the 2 part? or just upgrade and root? i would have to sbf to froyo to do the 2 part correct?
    09-06-2011 06:12 PM
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    do u have any issues getting paid apps off the market with liberty? ive seen people having issues with ApeX and Shiju (sp)..also what do you mean some of google and moto bugs are present in Liberty
    No issues with paid apps, Marketplace problems is an occasional issue with all ROMs (including stock) when something goes wrong but it's never happened to me. Still, I like using Amazon's appstore since it works with my Zeen as well.

    The bugs comment was more for wormeyman. Liberty is based off Google's code, has some of Moto's code, and some custom code. No code of this complexity is without bugs, CM7 will still have bugs when/if it leaves beta but the main difference is that CM7 has all the bugs in a single codebase. Liberty can pull some stuff from AOSP, but if Moto has a bug in a module that Liberty uses Liberty is at Moto's mercy for fixing it.

    I recommend the two stage migration to 602 just because it's what I know from the previous GB. You definitely want to wipe everything and an SBF back to Froyo handles that very well. Once you've done that, it's trivial to get the two zip files flashed. Last I heard this method was also a lot more reliable than the other methods, but things may have changed.
    09-06-2011 06:22 PM
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    u wouldnt mind posting links for the 2 part .602 would you kind sir..and when i get to froyo i just need to use Z4root? have you tried any other roms on your x or are these two just the two you use? i want the most reliable, stable, battery efficent rom..o yeah, im having alot of issues on unrooted .596 with wifi, itll connect but wont stay connected and my 3g is dropping all the time, will the 602 and rom fix this?
    09-06-2011 06:31 PM
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    You may as well try the OTA 602 release, for one it won't void your warranty. Since I never had your issues with 596 I can't comment as to whether 602 fixes them but it's worth a shot.

    There is no such thing as the most stable ROM, let alone mixing in battery life - in my experience Liberty is fairly stable and more power efficient than CM7 but with your apps that may be different.

    The best thing to do to get the 602 release is just to search for the filenames, 340-602_update_Part-1.zip and 340-602_update_Part-2.zip. They move around and get taken down a lot from what I've heard. I've got some notes here on the upgrade process:

    Someone else here made a video which may be a better choice for some.
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    09-06-2011 06:42 PM
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    ok awsome if i have any more questions is it cool if i pm u? instead of loading up a thread
    09-06-2011 07:05 PM
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    Just as an update, Liberty (at least on 602) has a bug with the Google Talk with Video installer that kind of kills the ability to add Google accounts. With ADW and having migrated to third party or AOSP widgets Liberty just doesn't seem to buy me much over stock (although I still use Jrummy's ROM toolbox for things like custom battery widgets).

    However, Google Plus instant image/video upload doesn't seem to work on either stock or Liberty so now I'm back into the decision tree of determining the lesser of all evils and which bugs matter to me.

    Liberty is out until I can get Gtalk with video running, but I suspect that using AOSP camera will fix the G+ instant upload.

    CM7 is an option if I'm willing to give up BlurCam and HDMI, but I have to watch for WiFi stability and IME switching bugs. Realistically HDMI is less of an issue with my Revue installed and BlurCam, while nice, isn't as nice as G+ instant upload.

    I'm in the process of exploring MIUI (AOSP-based ROM like CM7). The default UI is pretty icky, but that's why they invented themes... We'll see about the WiFi stability and IME switching once I've got things set up but so far I was able to make a Google Video call to my desktop. The biggest downside seems to be restoring from Titanium wants to prompt me to install every package - not feasible with 150+ apps to install... EDIT: looks like it may have been an issue restoring the TB Pro key, so far IME switching seems decent as well and moving back to ADW fixes the ugly UI issue for me.
    09-11-2011 11:47 AM