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    So, I am new to android and just got a Droid X this week, I got so excited and rooted right away before I knew anything about it. Then I started to delete some Verizon bloatware and trying to do some other things. After browsing the web I am seeing a lot of beware signs and "always back up first!". (coming from BlackBerry, no matter what you did to the OS you could wipe the whole phone and install any OS you wanted, nearly impossible to totally brick your phone)

    Here's my questions - I've rooted, have no backup of the device pre-root. What happens if my DX has a heart attack? Can I fix it? If I back up now, in the future if I restore will it restore a rooted rom? Should I un-root>backup>re-root?

    I am sorry if these questions have been asked before. I've searched and haven't found specific answers, I just really don't want to wind up with a $600 paper weight....

    Thanks for any feedback!
    09-17-2010 02:21 AM
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    When u deleted the bloat did you change the file name or completely delete it? I think some had issues going to 2.2 leak cause of that. We do have the stock file floating around so you can always go back to stock 2.1 and start over so no need to worry. Rom manager can help with making and loading backups if you do something you don't like.

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    09-17-2010 08:22 AM
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    What procedure did you use to root your x? What have you done since, and what is your final impression of your x, after root?
    09-17-2010 02:13 PM
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    Get the Fly X rom and never look back. its your destiny.

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    09-17-2010 02:53 PM