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    Well I have been holding out with a stock 2.1 DX
    I had read that some sort of boot loader hack was in progress and would allow us to make "true" mods.
    So I was concerned that upgrading to the 2.2 OTA would make any future hacks impossible. so i held out.

    I read tweets and forums posts saying stuff was coming very soon.
    yet nothing has.
    But i found out upgrading would upgrade the boot loader and that kept me in a holding pattern like it or not.

    I wanted 2.2 without upgrading the bootloader and when i read a post that it could be done, i figured that was for me.
    I can get froyo without the risk of screwing up the bootloader hack.

    So last night i installed easy root and was rooted in 1 click.
    so I downloaded the released 2.3.15 and installed rom manager..
    at this point i figured this is pretty easy and i should have done it already.

    yeah well it didn't go so well.. i couldn't seem to get it installed.
    I had read people saying that the 1 click method was unreliable.. blah blah
    so i re-rooted my phone the manual way.. again couldn't get anything to install.
    i downloaded koush's bootstrapper and was able to get it to install..
    then my phone bricked.. YAY!!!

    I tried for a while to get it to boot with no luck.
    I had read the warnings about trying to sBF back to 2.1 so i grabbed the 2.2 sBF and pulled the trigger..
    still no go.. bricked..
    as i searched the net, i read that you can not go from 2.1 to 2.3.15, you have to go to like 2.2.9 or something first.. great.. glad that was made clear when i started this..lol
    so i figured at this point, i couldn't screw it up anymore than it was..
    i mean it was bricked.
    so i SBF back to 2.1 and was very happy that it booted.
    from there i re-rooted using easyroot, installed the boot strapper, rom manager and pulled down 2.3.9 and it worked..
    use rom mgr and upgraded to 2.3.15 unfortunately when i checked, my boot loader had been upgraded to 30.01
    I'm guessing when i put 2.3.9 on there, is when it happened.
    I think now, i should have NOT installed the 2.2 base from rom manager and i should have installed a 2.2 leak.
    hopefully that won't effect any future boot loader hack if it comes out.

    so just as a warning for people who are thinking of doing this.
    do your home work. and learn from my silly mistakes.. it will save you hours of frustration.
    09-27-2010 02:29 PM
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    Glad you at least got it un bricked!
    I had a lot of fun the two days before the update myself, and I almost killed mine.
    I finally decided I was in over my head and that the best thing for me to do was to just get the phone to take the update (it wasn't taking any kind of update, not with koush's bootstrapper or the ota). It took all night to figure out how to just get it to take the ota!
    I will probably regret not being able to run custom kernels, but I am now at a level I am comfortable dealing with (just being rooted 2.2 and doing normal root access stuff). I'll just have to be in a better position and more informed for the next android phone I own, and hack it all to hell!

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    09-27-2010 03:02 PM