1. jcochranusn's Avatar
    My phone just isn't running properly at all after the 2.2 update. I want to completely WIPE the phone and do a "clean install" of 2.2. Can I do this with the 2.2 sbf that has been released, if my current OTA 2.2 is ROOTED? Will the root cause problems? Will the SBF restore completely delete all my root files?

    Thanks in advance for everyone's help!
    09-27-2010 10:00 PM
  2. doctorlove316's Avatar
    The SBF can be used to wipe your OTA 2.2 and the root files will still be on your SD card (if they were copied from there) but they will be gone from your system so you won't be rooted anymore.
    09-27-2010 10:11 PM
  3. Adiliyo's Avatar
    having root will not cause problems with the sbf, the reason people were having problems when trying to use the 2.1 sbf on the 2.2 OTA was because of the bootloader change.

    but like avlfive says, you'll have to root your phone again if you want root.
    09-28-2010 12:36 AM