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    Ok, I've been on Android for about 2 months now, Ive rooted (adv method, not one click) and now am considering going to custom roms. I understand the risks and am looking for an idea of how to proceed: cautionary steps I can/should take, recommendations on roms to try, how to go about installing, getting google svcs back on the roms, etc. (yes I do understand that there are not true roms yet for the x due to the bootloader). Also interested in rollback procedures should things go wrong, transferring apps to the roms, etc.

    J am currently running OTA Froyo if that makes a difference.

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    09-30-2010 06:53 PM
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    read the thread "blur-less rom"
    09-30-2010 07:36 PM
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    the biggest step you need to make sure to take before trying any roms, is to make a nandroid backup of your system in case you either want to go back to stock or mess something up.

    personally, until there is a cracked bootloader, i would just deodex your system and delete the safe blur apps you don't want/use and call it a day.

    there is no real reason to use the roms out there aside from lazyness to do it yourself.

    that being said, if you want a super lean (super anti-blur) rom, try the blur-less rom mentioned above or tranqulity.

    make sure they work with the OTA though, i've heard mixed reviews about tranqulity working, and i'm not sure about the other rom.

    there's also flyx, but i don't know if that works with the OTA either as it's built on the first 2.2 leak.
    10-01-2010 05:15 AM