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    I upgraded my 2.1 to the leaked 2.3.9 update. I am using Launcher Pro and enjoying the benefit of having a rooted stable phone. I opted not to update with the OTA until I heard some feedback and decided quickly that I did not want to update with the encrypted bootloader.

    My questions are:

    1: I am curious about going to the deodexed 2.3.13 and trying my hand at FlyX or Tranquility Rom. I am feeling sure, but have to ask if this version is not from the OTA and does not have the encrypted bootloader. I want to be able to do a full flash back to 2.1 and reinstall and problems I might have.

    2: I have seen some fellow forum members who have 2.3.15 deodexed recommend to some of us Noobs that people with the leaked 2.2 should update to the 2.3.15 deodexed now that a system only $bf is available. My question is WHY?

    3: Having not had the leaked version and the 2.3.15 OTA version, my understanding is the only real big difference is the encoded bootloader. I know what to expect having full flash back to 2.1, but do not know what the difference would be having a system only flash. Is it similar to flashing back to 2.1 with data and cache wiped?

    I am currently thinking that staying with 2.3.9 or 2.3.13 is the path I will stay with unless there is something I am not understanding or there is a compelling reason to change versions that I am not aware.
    10-06-2010 12:11 PM