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    So i recently started seeing "Blur Service username or password incorrect" in the notification bar and i have no idea what it means. im not sure if its a big issue or not but i would like to try to fix it. the notification opens up to a page in the accounts app which i havent seen before either and dont know what that password is supposed to be.
    if anyone has seen this before, plz help.

    a little background about how this started. i was messing around with the leaked 2.2 but somehow managed to loose root, even tho i moved su to the xbin. i wasnt able to recover root thru two methods including adb so i decided to just sbf because i made a nandroid of my 2.1 which was working great just before i upgraded to the leak.. so i sbf just fine, and do a data wipe right after, and then restore my nandroid. it boots up fine and goes to 2.1 just like it should.. but then that notification began showing up. im not sure where i went wrong, maybe i should have booted up after the sbf&data wipe, activated the phone, and then restored the nandroid.

    any input?
    10-07-2010 01:53 AM