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    So, I'm bricked and am wondering is anyone here can help or post a link to help. Here's exactly what went down:

    1. I was running rooted, Froyo leak 2.3.9, FlyX and black status bar on top.

    2. I wanted to update, so I downloaded the 2.3.15 deodexed from TBH app, followed instructions (change name to update.zip, move to root of sd in root explorer, then tap bootstrap recovery, reboot into recovery, go to system and mounts, format system, mount, apply update.zip, reboot) and updated without a hitch. Pow - Success.

    3. Then I saw the thread for Rubix ROM...I had to try it. Same thing - Downloaded ZIP file and did the same as with the TBH Froyo and got the same result. Installed and flying. However, my calendar wasn't working and I really needed it to work...SO...

    4. I decided to try the ZapX ROM, but instead of being smart and just doing what I did above, I saw it in ROM Manager and tried to do it that way (running a backup as I did). No go. Stuck on M logo. I did a battery pull and for some reason the phone booted into a factory reset state, yet had Superuser icon in the app drawer. I went to the APP Market, downloaded Bootstrapper and ROM Manager so I could just go back to my last save. Opened in recovery, tried to run my last back up and bang - Bricked. Endless M Boot.

    5. I took it to the local VZW store and they ordered me a new one (here by Tuesday), but I want to see if I can get this one fixed just for the experience of doing it. They tried a hard reset (power up with Home button pressed, then when you see the android guy and exclamation warning you hit the back button then search button and you go into a sort of clockwork mode with only four options) and no dice.

    6. I held down camera button, volume and power and can at least get into bootloader mode, but what should I do then?

    Could anyone please point me towards a solution? Any ideas would be massively appreciated. THANKS!!!!

    10-10-2010 04:36 AM
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    I am sort of a noob at this, but I believe the TBH 2.3.15 version is the same version of Froyo as the VZW OTA but without the locked down boot loader. You should be able to SPF back to 2.1 and start over. Your phone is already bricked so I don't thinks it can hurt.
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    10-10-2010 07:58 AM
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    If you can find a link to "The Gift" download you should be able to use RSD Lite and the SBF file included to flash your phone back to 2.1 no problem.
    10-10-2010 11:37 AM
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    see the above sticky about wanting to revert back to 2.1 and debrick your phone. it has links and instructions.
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    10-10-2010 11:38 AM
  5. GTvert90's Avatar
    Just to play safe when you boot into bootloader make sure its still 30.01 and not 30.03. If its 30.01 go ahead and used the 2.1 SBF
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    10-10-2010 11:41 AM
  6. dvader's Avatar
    zapX bricked me to.. so i'm staying away from that one.
    you need to SBF back to 2.1 and then re-upgrade (staying away from the OTA)
    10-10-2010 09:47 PM
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    zapX bricked me to.. so i'm staying away from that one.
    you need to SBF back to 2.1 and then re-upgrade (staying away from the OTA)
    why stay away from the OTA?
    10-10-2010 10:57 PM
  8. dvader's Avatar
    10-10-2010 11:07 PM
  9. quetzalcoatl's Avatar
    why stay away from the OTA?
    Can not answer for them but I am staying away because there is not a sbf avail for the OTA yet. Once it is there then I will upgrade. I do not like the fact that I can not recover from a problem right now.
    10-10-2010 11:07 PM
  10. dvader's Avatar
    You should know that before you even start messing with your phone.
    10-10-2010 11:15 PM
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    UPDATE: Success. I followed the concise instructions on the sticky thread and it was no problem. My phone is back. Of course, now I have to re-install the leaked Froyo 2.3.9, then step up to 2.3.15, but hey - beats a brick. Plus, now I have all this stuff set to go and know exactly how to fix it if I eff it up again. This forum and its members rule.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.

    Thank you.
    10-11-2010 02:27 AM
  12. GatorPT's Avatar
    i thought tbh produced a 2.2 recovery . i know that because i have downloaded it . so thats why i was able to fix my phone from the duldrums of the m screen.
    10-11-2010 07:50 AM
  13. TVCMI's Avatar

    This is not a full sbf file, it will not cure the worlds ailments. It will recovery your system to the stock 2.3.13 odexed state. If you mess up something other than the system partition this will not fix your problem. But if your only trying to theme or delete blur this will work if something goes wrong?:
    What exactly will the OTA 2.3.15 sbf file from TBH do and not do. In what state will the sbf not unbrick or bring your phone back from something going wrong???
    10-11-2010 08:43 AM
  14. dvader's Avatar
    It will recover your system ONLY if you were upgraded to the OTA, if you were on a leak it will not do anything for you.
    and it is only a partial/hybrid SBF, not a FULL sbf like the 2.1 one is

    If you have the OTA DO NOT use 2.1 SBF it will brick your phone

    If you have any leak and NOT the OTA then use 2.1 which is a FULL SBF
    10-11-2010 11:35 AM
  15. TVCMI's Avatar
    Thanks DVader!

    I am just curious what the functional difference is between a full or system only sbf. Does it work like the 2.1 sbf for the leaked versions. For instance it will functionally do everything the 2.1 spf will do except it won't work at all if you "bricked" the bootloader? I am happy on the 2.2 leaked version and not planning on going to the OTA until a full sbf comes out.
    10-11-2010 12:11 PM
  16. dvader's Avatar
    the full 2.1 sbf upgrades(overwrites) the radio and a bunch of other components that the 2.2 hybrid does not, that one only writes to the system partition..
    I'm thinking, you have to do it all (for compatibility reasons) or nothing.
    so the 2.2 hybrid is only for the OTA

    If someone were to get ahold of the FULL sbf for 2.2 then this wouldn't be an issue..
    someone "claimed" to have it in this forum, but never produced anything
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    10-11-2010 02:40 PM
  17. TVCMI's Avatar
    Thanks again! That was most helpful!
    10-11-2010 03:11 PM