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    Compatible with RubiX 1.8.6, 1.9.3, and 1.9.0 leak and non-leak builds.

    DarkAndroid for rubiX Focused 1.8.6, 1.9.3, & 1.9.0 Leak and Non-Leak Builds.

    To install this theme, follow the below instructions:
    You should always backup your system before installing any ROM or theme.

    1. Copy RubiX-DarkAndroid.zip to your sdcard
    2. Reboot into Bootstrap Recovery
    3. Install zip from sdcard
    4. Choose zip
    5. Browse and select zip
    6. Install zip
    7. When complete, use back button or power button to back up
    8. Reboot phone

    This theme updates most images, fonts, browser, and Google Search Bar. I am currently planning to theme WidgetLocker, LauncherPro, Facebook, and Twitter to add at some point.

    There is also a goodies pack that contains lots of icons, wallpapers, LP docks, and alternate fonts. A lot of the docks and icons were created by me, but the rest came from great devs like manup456 and others.
    To use the extra content in the goodies pack, download the Goodies.zip and extract the content into a folder on your sdcard.
    • The icons can be applied using Launcher Pro, Desktop Visualizer, Folder Organizer, or one of the many other choices for icon customization.
    • The docks can be used with Launcher Pro.
    • The fonts are in flashable zips so once extracted, they can be flashed.
    • Of course, the wallpapers are applied the normal way using the gallery selection or other tool.

    If you would just like the font shown in the images, I included a link to it as well. It is in a flashable zip so you can apply it in the same way that you apply the theme.

    I have added a themed version of the latest Google Voice ( and a black and white themed Swype keyboard. The Swype keyboard is in a flashable update.zip while the Google Voice must be installed like a normal app after you extract the apk. The download links are below.

    I have also included the Windows Lycanthrope font used for the icons shown in the images. If you would like to add more icons or edit the current ones, you can do so with any graphics editor (Photoshop, Fireworks, GIMP, etc...) after installing the Lycanthrope font.

    More info and screenshots can be found here.

    Download links:
    Default Font
    Lycanthrope Font
    Black Swype Keyboard

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