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    I have taken the journey into rooting my x and have played with some roms and even overclocked it.
    Just tonight i seen that gummyjar had a new 2.5 rom, so i dl'd it and loaded it on to my x, got to boot screen and it just kept looping, i assume this is what in the searches i did and seen everyone refer to bootloop, from there i could only get to bootloader, so i did some more searching on the forums here and found the info and zip for rsdlite, ota 2.2, so i dl'd and then ran rsd and then sbf, phone got to the m logo and then went back to bootloader, so i did some more searching and found that someone had mentioned to dl'd the .340 sbf and then run rsd and then flash the .340, so dl'd .340, and got ready to run that and bootloader said battery to low can not program, i was like oh crap, so i did some more searching and reading and found were someone used a usb cable and cut the end off and match ground and positive and basicly hotwire the phone so bootloader believes battery is charged, finaly got wires to stay and bootloader to work, dl'd .340 sbf, passed, phone rebooted to stock screen, but had error for false battery, uplugged hotwire usb and removed battery to remove wires, put battery back in and all is good.
    Sorry for the long story but i thought i was screwed for a moment there, but with all the knowledge on this site and others i was able to revive my x.
    So once again, THANK YOU to everyone that goes through these issues and finds a fix and then lists it here or on other sites for other users to use to fix there phones if they get into the same mess that i did.
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    12-30-2010 11:02 PM