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    Ok so I am not totally new to rooting but the more I read the more im confused. So I am rooted now and I have played around with the ADW Launcher and it was pretty cool except I didnt like that you had to hold down to add a shortcut everytime, pretty annoying. So I am loving the honeycomb look (which I assume would be a ROM I am looking for?). Or is just as simple as getting a launcher and then theme and im done. Like I said I had the ADW Launcher and added a Honeycomb theme.

    Another question is does a ROM change the look of the OS or it is just removing the programs and etc that we never use and then Launchers and themes change the look? I think thats where I get confused. Like I see Apex and Liberty out there but dont see any pictures of it so not sure what I would be downloading and wasting my time with what I really need.
    03-08-2011 11:59 PM
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    Well there are plenty of forums that will slam you with terminology, and i understand it is kind of overwhelming and certainly if you've never even dealt with Android devices.
    In respect to your confusion, ADW is not a ROM. Its simply a home launcher (dock bar replacement with added features of icon changing ect.)
    A ROM is simply a modified version of the stock Android 2.x.x operating system. Liberty, Apex, Darkslide Rubix ect. all have there vqrious tweaks in performance and UI. What makes them different from a H

    Droid X ROMS - HERE

    03-09-2011 10:09 AM
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    I can certainly understand the confusion and overwhelming feeling going from forum to forum, ecspecially if you have never played with android device. In regards to your confusion between ROMs and Home Launcher Replacements (ADW, Launcher Pro, Open Home), HL only give you the ability to change your dock bar, icons, screen transistions, and some other minor tweaks according to the HL. I personally enjoy ADW for its ease of icon changing and Launcher pro for its scrolling widget capability and screen transistions.
    A ROM is a modified version of the stock Android 2.x.x OS. In which developers tweak everything from status bar,notification bar, keypad,dialpad, delete "blur apps", Processor speed "overclocking", Lockscreen, fonts,and overall aim for a smoother faster responding and "cleaned up' version of the Original OS. Then you can apply thems to individual ROMS that alter color schemes ect.

    Below are some very useful link that could benefit you in grasping some of these things a little better. I know it probally seems like some homework but this stuff is not a confusing as it may appear. Enjoy! Glad your trying to figure things out though.


    Droid X ROMS - HERE
    03-09-2011 10:20 AM