1. ryman222's Avatar
    Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this i didn't know where would be the best place.

    I would like to start making my own custom rom for my Droid X.
    I want to know what the files and tools i need to do this. If there is a tutorial for this can someone please point me to it.

    Thanks, Ryman222
    05-17-2011 12:23 PM
  2. JkdJedi's Avatar
    05-17-2011 02:17 PM
  3. wildman's Avatar
    You may learn that its not that simple, there is a number of things involved in developing and there isnt a simple manual to walk you through the process...
    05-17-2011 06:24 PM
  4. ryman222's Avatar
    I know it's not simple, i just want to know how what i need installed on my computer and some other useful tips. I realize it's not an overnight thing, This project isn't going to be just done byme either. My "Crew" will be working on this and hopefully put it by the end of the year.
    05-17-2011 08:25 PM
  5. ryman222's Avatar
    and thanks JkdJedi for the guide.
    05-17-2011 08:26 PM
  6. wildman's Avatar
    Well since Android is part of the Open Source family there is a number of developers that uses their own designed apps to complete this process and others modify preexisting apps to fit their needs,,, I hope you didn't think I was implying that you are not compatible of doing this but developers usually put years of research and development to refine their skills and it can be a little work to find a localized location to cover building custom roms in details,

    I have put together a few themes that I use for personal use and also I share when i can and I have had to learn a lot on my own and I am just happy I am familiar with Linux OS, once you understand how it works you can guide yourself through the starting points of compiling a rom.
    05-17-2011 09:00 PM