08-21-2011 08:38 PM
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    I'm not a fanboy of any particular platform, I've enjoyed iOS, Android, WebOS equally. I currently have the Motorola Xoom, which doesn't have any true offering of tablet apps in the Market store. Only a featured section, which isn't apps designed for the tablet and only the tablet. I came from iOS this time and was entirely, fully and without question EXPECTING a tablet app section. Are you saying I'm asking too much?
    I'm saying your expectations are fixated on having a dedicated tablet apps store, but Googles direction is to have all apps work on all devices, be it a tablet or phone... or something else eventually.

    The apps I have on the Xoom don't function fully. Not even close. Skype, no video calling there. Google Chat, no video calling there. Google Voice, never mind, it's not even there for the Xoom. Heck, even my now discountinued Touchpad has Skype two way videocalling. Facebook, app crashes every time I hit the Friends button, same deal no matter what's tweaked or having the Xoom master reset.
    The lack of Skype has more to do with corporate maneuvering than anything else. What you are looking for is "Google Talk". Works fine on the XOOM. Video chat until your heart is content. ;-)

    Google Voice works, but only for texting at the moment.

    Can't talk about Facebook. Don't use it on my XOOM. No time for that.

    If it's in the market, I expect it to work. If it doesn't work, I expect it to get fixed. Fast. For someone like me, I could care less about the hardware, I want the software and apps to work, flawlessly. I could pick up an iPad 2 tomorrow and entirely drop my cellphone. I could with some problems do the same with my Touchpad. Since I have the Xoom, no, I'll definitely need the Thunderbolt still since the choices and options are far too buggy/non-existant/not available for my Xoom or only halfbaked.
    Well... first, it's clear Honeycomb is being cleaned up and the issues you mention are being fixed. Second, if that's what you want and you think an iPad would be better for you, just get one. I can't deal with Apple, because I use my tablet as a notebook replacement. The iPad simply can do what I need. I want/need a familiar folder based OS, which will allow me to navigate my files. I need to attach documents. I need to read/write USB keys (I'm rooted). I need to do a few things the iPad simply doesn't offer.

    I've said this before as well, I do enjoy the Xoom, I love the Google Maps navigation, love the GMail integration, love the widgets but unless something major happens with Android Honeycomb or ICS, I'll most likely be jumping ship, again, to iOS.
    Seriously, dude. You should just go now. I doesn't sound like you need anything that Android offers and you crave the polished and tightly controlled environment Apple offers. Go get an iPad2 and test the Android waters next time around. By that time the Android tablet experience will be much more polished and you'll be a happy camper.
    08-21-2011 08:38 PM
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