1. E.Nigma's Avatar
    So far, I'm really digging it. Downloaded the Netflix app', and setup the screen lock n off using launcher pro plus. New to the whole android tablet, but I've had my share of androids. Recently updated my milestone x to gingerbread beta, so I lost all my root access, soon to be had again. Anyways, any tips or advice to a new xoom'er?
    07-26-2011 10:02 PM
  2. Sock-Monkey Pete's Avatar
    I highly suggest looking at "Thumb Keyboard" or "Swiftkey Tablet X". They make typing amazingly easy in landscape mode. There is also a similar free app called "Tablet keyboard free" but I peronally recommend the other two.

    Also a file manager (i.e. "File Manager HD") is priceless.
    07-27-2011 11:44 AM
  3. Jalarm's Avatar
    I love thumb keyboard
    07-27-2011 11:59 AM
  4. Lactose The Intolerant's Avatar
    Congrats on the win! Some (free) things to get:

    Opera Mini - replacement for stock broswer (OM is fast and stays locked on 'desktop' view)
    MoBo Player - replacement for playing video
    Taptu - aggregates news feeds, sort of like Pulse but faster and allows for more than 20 streams.
    07-27-2011 04:19 PM
  5. cranch's Avatar
    The new Dolphin Tab Beta is pretty awesome as well.
    07-28-2011 11:29 PM
  6. gitit20's Avatar
    How did u get net flix to work?
    07-29-2011 01:35 AM